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ISAIAH BIBLE LESSON TOPIC Isaiah 11:1:9 - Essay Example

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The Lesson of Isaiah 11: 1-9 Meaning of the Passage The lesson that will be examined will be Isaiah 11: 1-9. This is a passage of glorious hope. This passage addresses the Assyrian threat, yet gives hope of a fulfillment that is in the future.1 The passage begins with the imagery of a felled tree…
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Download file to see previous pages This first passage, according to Buksbazen (1971)2 is a continuation of the last verses of Chapter 10, in which Isaiah had predicted that the Assyrian empire would fall, and would never again rise. In contrast, the house of David, which had fallen due to evil, would sprout again and bear new fruit. In other words, the Davidic monarchy would rise again, and this is what is meant by the stem of Jesse, as Jesse was David’s father. While the throne of David might have fallen, David’s family survived, and this family is what would result in new growth. Isaiah was delivering a message of hope that the monarchy could be re-established.3 The second verse of the passage describes the Messianic king who would channel the spirit of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2). This new king would embody the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear of the Lord. The spirit of wisdom is synonymous with the Lord, as wisdom is the very essence of the lord. The Word of God and the incarnate Word of Christ is what is meant by the term wisdom.4 According to Motyer (1993),5 the spirit of wisdom and understanding is one of the characteristic pairs, and wisdom is a general characteristic, while understanding is the power to see issues that are before him, and get to the heart of these issues. This spirit of wisdom and understanding would be in contrast to the King of Assyria, according to Motyer (1993), as that King of Assyria made overly proud boasts that did not reflect wisdom or understanding.6 The new King, according to the second passage, also would possess the spirit of counsel and power. Motyer (1993) states that this refers to the ability to see a proper course of action for the country, while having the power to see the action through. This might refer to military might and strategy.7 Particularly, according to Buksbazen (1971), the new King would have the ability to see what God’s plans are for the country, and would be able to execute His plans accordingly.8 Included in this spirit is the ability to give the weak their due, and to punish and put to death the guilty, even if the guilty party is powerful.9 The third pairing of traits that the new King would possess would be the spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord. This means that the King would understand that there would be no ultimate knowledge if there is not the knowledge of God. In this case, the word “fear” does not mean terror, but, rather, respect and reverence for the word of the Lord .10 This would mean that the King would be obedient and loyal to the word of the Lord. 11 In passage three through five, Isaiah indicates the character of the King. The King’s method of government would spring from his spiritual endowments, which were explained in the earlier passage regarding the pairings of traits that the King would possess. The King would not be a warrior, because he would reign after war is abolished, according to Gray (1928).12 The King would be filled with the Holy Spirit, so he would not rely upon human senses, such as hearing or sight, to make judgments and decisions, but, rather would use the perfect knowledge that is given to him by his inner self, which is informed by the word of the Lord. The King would not fail, as previous Kings failed, because this King would have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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