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Luckily, little Isaiah, freezing and starving, was found and taken to the hospital, where one of the social workers became interested with him…
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Losing Isaiah
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Ethical dilemma in “Losing Isaiah” College Ethical Dilemma in “Losing Isaiah” “Losing Isaiah” is a story of a drug addict, who, being under strong drug intoxication, abandoned her new-born son at the dump. Luckily, little Isaiah, freezing and starving, was found and taken to the hospital, where one of the social workers became interested with him. Margaret, the social worker, adopted African-American Isaiah, who was no longer dependent on drugs. The boy grew up in the atmosphere of love in his “white” family; although, he was nervous, hyperactive, and distracted from his ethnical roots. The family idyll would go on, if not the fact that Isaiah’s biological mother began to torment Margaret’s good conscience. When Isaiah’s biological mother went out of the prison and escaped from the iron clutch of drug addiction, she decided to get Isaiah back. Here the controversy began. In the courtroom the parties of the “conflict” raised questions of ethnical difference between Isaiah and his foster family and wisdom of bringing up the boy in the environment, where nobody is like him. After the heated argument in the court, the judge brought in a verdict to give Isaiah back to his biological mother. That was right decision from the point of common sense, but it did not work in the end. The arguments against the verdict are the following: Isaiah’s biological mother did not know anything about bringing up this child; the boy had psychology problems and radical change of the family could do harm to him; there was a possibility of compromise that would be acceptable for both mothers and the child.
Firstly, despite the fact that Isaiah was brought up in the “white” environment and did not receive enough information about his roots, he was brought up in the atmosphere of love in Margaret’s family. His foster mother was with him from the very childhood. She helped him to overcome the drug addiction and kept him safe from the hunger and poverty. Margaret Lewin was right when she said that Khaila was not inherently his mother. Margaret said that Khaila wouldn’t even know what to do when Isaiah got sick. She really loved the boy, and on the trial she told Khiala’s lawyer that the skin color does not matter when it goes about love, and they are capable to bring up Isaiah as a decent person.
Secondly, Isaiah was rather troubled child. He was born from drug addict and during his first days of life he did not receive a proper care. Moreover, his biological mother gave him drugs as a sort of “lullaby”. The new born baby was drug addicted. All these facts could not but influence his mind. There are several accents on that in the film. The boy could suddenly go into dramatics in the most unsuitable situation (scene with Margaret’s daughter performance in the theatre). For such complicated boy as Isaiah, the radical change of his familiar environment could do much harm; no matter that it was his ethnical environment. The problems caused by the change of family became evident in the final scenes of the film, when living with his biological mother was a significant trauma for the boy. He began to show autistic behavior.
Thirdly, there initially was an obvious possibility for the compromise between two Isaiah’s mothers. It was presented in the end of the movie. Khaila, boy’s biological mother, saw the sufferings of her son when she got him back. She remembered, when being a child, she was disturbed by the constant change of the foster families and the troubles it caused to her childish mind. Finally, she decided to give the boy back to the Lewins. Isaiah was happy. Crying “Mommy!” he rushed into the embraces of his foster mother. His both mothers decided to bring him up together, and, in this respect, without violating the boy’s mind to keep him attached to his roots.
To conclude with, the movie raises a very controversial question, because everybody was right in the situation occurred. Isaiah’s biological mother did not give up her child and had a right to get him back. On the other hand, she appeared from nowhere and knew nothing about bringing up the boy with some psychological problems. It substantially complicated the problem. The only solution was a compromise between two boy’s mothers. In finally was reached, overcoming the racial and social controversies.
Gylenhaal, N. F., Koch H. (Producers) & Gyllenhaal, S. (Director). (1995). Losing Isaiah [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures. Read More
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