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Isaiah - Essay Example

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In this excerpt, Isaiah indirectly revisits earlier God’s covenant to his people concerning what will befall them if they fail to hearken His statutes. …
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Extract of sample "Isaiah"

Download file to see previous pages This is contrary to what they would have enjoyed if they kept God’s ordinances from the great to the small. However, certain scholars despite holding onto the idea of “everlasting covenant” argue chapters 24 to 27 their content is about a period, which is still in the “undefined future.” “Undefined future” relayed in these chapters according to some scholars is the messianic second coming. Therefore, this interpretative study seeks to analyze varied statements featured in these chapters coupled with linking them with other Biblical supporting verses having similar implications. Penalties featured in verses 1 – 5 seem to denote eschatological events intended to take place in the undefined future2. Hence, the penalties act as prediction of what the supreme God will do to repay those who chose to disobey His statutes. The denotation of “everlasting covenant” in these verses is evident from their adoption of a contractual structure, whereby any agreement or pact has both the fine’s side and benefits. Mainly, these are for those involved in the contractual process to enjoy if they comply as necessitated with the already devised laws or suffer suppose they choose to live on contrarily to what the Lord demands3. Benefits of the “everlasting covenant” are evident in chapters 25 to 27, which comprise of a hymn outlining the restoration the chosen would enjoy characterized by an extremely promising future4. The future based on Isaiah’s victorious song is incomparable to what the chosen have ever enjoyed before choosing to wander away from their God’s ordinances while on earth5. Mostly, the Future relayed in 25:1-5 encompasses adequate protection not only from the enemies but also from harsh environmental conditions like heat and rain6. The identity of “everlasting covenant” in these verses is also evident when the Isaiah tries to relay the kind of feast, which the Supreme Judge promises Jerusalem’s remnant7. Remnant in this case encompasses those who have kept the law though due to numerous challenges beyond human control did fail but rose again. Feast promised for those who will be the remnant though based on this banquet’s nature, signifies total rest from the miseries of this passing world. For instance, God through Isaiah besides assuring the chosen absolute protection, He also declares to destroy death eternally8. Hence, proving that the evidence of consolation evident in verse 8 is in the future, which in this case is “undefined” whereby the beneficiaries will enjoy total peace. Since, they will experience neither death nor other life’s predicaments characterizing humanity’s existence on earth9. The banquet’s rules concerning “everlasting covenant” relayed in these verses is similar to the blessings and curses, which God though Moses told His children will encounter if they chose to either obey Him or disobey10. Consequently, this “everlasting covenant” promises extends to date, whereby those who have chosen to abide by God’s ordinances ought to keep their hopes alive knowing they also share the same assurances11. This is because the “undefined future” and eschatological events relayed in these verses signify the second messianic coming12. 2. Two cities relayed in Isaiah 24 – 27 signify Jerusalem and fortified city. The latter city based on the reading experiences God’s wrath. This is because of their disobedience and lack of its residents persistence to the end when the Lord will prepare a banquet for those who proved to be triumphant, which is evident in the victorious’ song in chapter 2513. Based on apocalyptic interpretation, fortified city in ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Isaiah Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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