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The True Face of Islam Your name Institution The True Face of Islam Introduction Being one of the most influential monotheistic religions nowadays, along with Christianity and Judaism, Islam has originated in the Abrahamic spiritual tradition (Peters, 2004)…
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, although there is no sign at all that Mohammed and his followers were blood descendants of Abraham, Islam is clearly associated with the biblical times, characters and traditions; even if the Bible has not had that profound effect on Islam as upon Christianity (Peters, 2004). Having developed from events that took place some 1400 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula, Islam is currently a world faith with over one billion followers worldwide (Gordon, 2003). On the other hand, although the Islamic religious doctrine, practices, and institutions have been the subject of numerous, if not countless, writings and discussions (Gordon, 2003), Islam remains the most misinterpreted, hence misunderstood religion, especially in the light of recent events such as the 9/11 attacks and the consequent ‘war on terror’. Therefore, this paper attempts to get an insight into the Islamic religion, highlighting some of the most contentious points of the doctrine. Historical Background In order to understand the essence of Islam as fully as possible, one would need to take into consideration first and foremost its historical context in which this religious cult has originated and matured; by the way, this is equally valid as far as any other religious tradition is concerned. Mohammed was born in Mecca about 570 AD, in the Hashim clan of the Quraish tribe which possessed a distinguished status in the town (Schimmel, 1992, p. 11). By that time, the wealth and ancient glory of the Arabian Peninsula, most notably the powerful trading kingdom of Saba (“The Kingdoms of Ancient South Arabia,” n.d.), was already too far gone (Schimmel, 1992). The religious life of the Arab tribes, particularly in Central Arabia, was still dominated by a rather primitive religion, whose rituals were performed in numerous tribal sanctuaries, including the shrine in Kaaba which appeared the center of the pagan cult; additionally, there were certain Jewish and Christian influences (Schimmel, 1992, p. 7). Arabia was situated in the sphere of influence of its trade partners by then – Persia and Constantinople (Schimmel, 1992). There were also a number of Jewish settlements not far from Medina, and even – according to some authors – the kings of Saba had reportedly converted to Judaism; the latter inter alia indicates a quest of a higher faith (Schimmel, 1992). Somewhere in his forties, Mohammed was overcome by visions and voices, realizing that he was entrusted with a divine mandate – to proclaim, like some Hebrew prophets of earlier times, most notably Amos, the forthcoming Day of Judgment when the human beings will face the one omnipotent God, their Lord, to answer for their actions (Schimmel, 1992, p. 12). The obvious parallel between Mohammed – the last prophet – and the first Hebrew prophet of judgment, Amos, is not only in theological terms, but also in terms of historical necessity. Thus, having seen the decline in Arabia’s power and wealth, likely brought about by the Arab tribes’ disunity and internal feuds, Mohammed found the ultimate means of unification – the belief in one omnipotent God – and saw himself at first as a God’s messenger to the Arabs, a prophet being sent to warn them (Schimmel, 1992, p. 15); later on, however, he put his visions into practice, embarking on a decisive move towards uniting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It is essential to recognize that Islam amounts to of the second largest population in the contemporary world subsequent only to Christianity. “Islam…is a complex cultural synthesis, centered in a distinctive religious faith, and necessarily set in the framework of a continuing political framework… Elements derived from Judaism and Hellenism are common to both the Islamic and Christian syntheses… Like Christianity, Islam is a monotheism with an historical founder and a sacred book…” (Holt, xii) Significantly, the origin and development of Islam, like that of Christianity, has been a legitimate concern of historians, along with the question how Islam is connected to Judaism and Ch
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Moreover, it has unique belief patterns and worship to an exclusive deity that is evident among all the other worldly religions. Introduction The word Islam connotes the willful and total submission to the worship of the god ‘Allah’ (Tamara, 2010). Moreover, the word ‘Islam’ represents peace as it is a natural effect that comes by when one submits to the doctrines of Allah.
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Islam is a monotheistic religion that is articulated by the Holy Quran. Islam is based on the concept of submission to Allah and accepting his supremacy over all and believing in the Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran. One becomes a Muslim by reciting the Shahadah declaring his submission to Allah and accepting that Muhammad is the prophet.
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As such, all the people in the religion have to clean their hearts of any impurity and filth that jeopardizes their way of life (Kheirabadi, 2009). As such, people that have purified hearts will have spiritual progress, which gives them an advantage of coming close to Allah.
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After, we will move to the future of Islam. Examine if further development of the religion is possible. The history of Islam is very extensive and we will have to travel through a period of more then 12 centuries to discover the
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It was at that time when ALLAH, the one ever living most gracious most merciful, send upon his mankind a gift in form of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), His last Prophet.
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m that believed the existence of more than 300 gods created confusion, paving a way for Prophet Muhammad to introduce and replace the confusion with the religion if Islamic monotheism, that had a less confusing explanation of the existence of God. Thus, what is considered by the
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The contest welcomes children as little age as seven since they are judged on their ability to recite the Muslim holy from memory. Those children are also graded through the accuracy and their intonation of musicality (Koran by Heart n.d). In this film, Barker tells the
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In the Middle ages Islam had conquered and taken control over a large part of African states, the Middle East and some European states a factor that caused aggressive behavior and conflict between the European and Islamic parts of the divide. The conflicts resulted
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For instance, Christians consider themselves to be generally good but so do Muslims and if there are Muslim extremists, there are also other religious extremists. Thus, it would be wrong to generalize and look at every
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