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The concept of marrige according to Christian beliefs - Personal Statement Example

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Marriage, among many groups, comes in different forms. However, the concept remains the same wherever one may go. In whichever way, one may look at the concept of marriage the same idea is bound to come up to prove that individuals marry for companionship…
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The concept of marrige according to Christian beliefs
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Extract of sample "The concept of marrige according to Christian beliefs"

Marriage Paper Marriage Paper Marriage, among many groups, comes in different forms. However, the concept remains the same wherever one may go. In whichever way, one may look at the concept of marriage the same idea is bound to come up to prove that individuals marry for companionship. In the biblical setting, marriage was for companionship and procreation. This was as God designed it to be. In the American society, things are being done differently. Laws advocating for same sex marriages have had some people up in arms against such moves. This, they say, is destroying the social order that exists between human beings, and the heterosexual way life (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). This, however, has not stopped individuals from engaging in same sex marriages as they choose, but under protest from different groups. This paper will examine marriage from the biblical setting and the modern American marriage setting. This is to better understand the effect this may have on society. It was hard to come by cases where same sex marriages were condoned, in the past. This was because the biblical teachings of man and woman joining to become one were rampant. Moreover, Christians held onto the firm belief that going against these teachings was a sin. In the Bible, divorces were not allowed. That is probably why there were fewer cases of divorces among married couples back in the day. Modernity, education, and westernization have led many individuals to believe that marriage is only done for convenience (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). Folks nowadays even marry just to get visas to other countries. This is a growing trend among individuals in modern society. People do not uphold the value of marriage anymore. My parents have been married for 36 years. For them, going the traditional Mexican way, which involved the catholic religion, was the way for them. Their marriage was blessed with four children. I was the second born of four children, and my family brings memories of happiness. What people do not seem to understand is that once two people tie the knot, whether in church or not, it is a union that is recognised in heaven (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). If there are to be any disagreements, then the solution can only be found through the church, but not divorce. Their married life is what shaped me into the family person I am today. I chose to follow closely in the footsteps of my parents’ marriage. I, however, did not go through the church process. This might have been because of the financial constraints such events may have on an individual. This, however, does not make this marriage any different from one that is full of commitment and love. I have been married for 14 years with three beautiful children, and I am still going strong. Christian foundations and values set the stage for children to grow up knowing the value and significance of family (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). This is unlike what modern families go through in many regions. Divorce rates and separation have gone up considerably in the past decades, which is an alarming trend. Children do not grow up in the required environment that pushes them to uphold the value of family and Christianity. Biblical teachings advocate for the joining of two people, man and woman, to become one. Their union is bound together and must not be broken by anybody. These teachings are being held by few individuals in the world. The value of marriage is being eroded by urbanization, globalisation, and education. Individuals value education and the pursuit of knowledge, but forget that they cannot travel this road alone (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). This is the problem that affects many folks around the world. My parents upheld everything they acquired through biblical teachings to raise a prosperous family throughout their marriage. By passing this on to their children, everyone grows up understanding the critical nature of upholding the Christian values of companionship. In the event of a divorce, as is the case in many marriages, parents do not comprehend the damage their children sustain. Developing children see a lot of things. They get affected, but do not show it while young. It is only after reaching adulthood that these effects take precedence over their lives, which makes them afraid of taking crucial steps. This is because of the trauma they suffered as children. This is the tragedy that many American families face, and it is a trend that is not likely to stop anytime soon (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). Taking a look at what is happening in present times; I would not want my children going through what many children are. The future of such families looks bleak because of the mistakes that are happening at the moment. I would encourage many parents and families to go back to the biblical teachings. This is to find the right foundation in which marriages should be built on to avoid future troubles with their partners. The recent rise in divorce cases is a clear indicator that individuals are getting into marriage with wrong motives. It is not enough that the individual we wish to marry is beautiful, handsome, or rich. All these are aspects that the biblical teachings confirm are pleasures of the world (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). The modern American marriage is proof of what is happening, and it is not likely to stop with the passing of laws, or the creation of one religion states. This is as seen in many Arab nations, with Islam being the religion to follow. They are staunch believers in their religious beliefs, but the manner in which they treat their companions is not condoned in many Christian settings. However, this should not be cause for division among nations (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). They all uphold the doctrine of living in harmony with each other, regardless of the religious background. One needs to go for something chosen by God. This is through the right channels. This does not necessarily mean the church. However, it is the one place that can guarantee a person the right options as one may have a common belief with the individual. Focus needs to be placed on the beliefs of an individual because, in the long run, children end up growing in this environment. They need to grow and develop having foundations of strong ethical values that teach the significance of respect and love (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). This may work in favour of future generations, and parents need to make sure they give this to their children. In conclusion, understanding biblical teachings may have a positive impact on the manner in which individuals live their lives. It is not enough to get married in church in the presence of family and friends, and yet, fail to sustain a marriage long enough to see the fruits flourish. One needs to hold onto the firm belief that all that happens is destined to happen (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). Also, through faith, it is possible to maintain close family ties that hold onto strong Christian beliefs. Reference McDonald, C., & McDonald, P. (2008). Creating a successful Christian marriage. New York: Macmillan Publishers. Read More
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