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Christian ethics - Essay Example

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He argues that being a moral relativist is actually being a moral absolutist. Before going into that argument, the first thing that needs to be done is to understand the concept of moral relativism. Moral relativists…
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Christian ethics
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"Christian ethics"

Download file to see previous pages Since our culture and traditions changes through time and varies from different perspectives, the concept of moral relativism may be, in part, true and can really happen. For example, Christians believe in monogamy but Muslims’ marriage and family tradition is polygamous. The Christians belief is based upon what they believe is true and that is the Christian concept of a monogamous relationship or marriage. Christians believe that this is the correct partner and relationship practice because they believe in the teachings from the Bible. Muslims, on the other hand, also has different literature and context about marriage and family. What may be right for the Muslims, like in the example above, contradicts the beliefs of the Christians.
And in this part of moral relativism, I agree. What may be wrong for me may be right for some individual with a contrasting cultural background that what I have. Within a certain culture, there are differing opinions and thoughts, also, about believing in tradition and cultural values. An example of this is the belief in traditional medicine. Though we have a science of medicine, many still believe in the healing capabilities of traditional medicine. This does not indicate, in any way, that traditional medicine is not right or not good for us. What it shows is that the preference of people vary from individual to individual because they believe in something that works for them, or works according to their own pragmatic reasons.
The concept of morality is closely related to the concept of one’s own faith and belief. Once and existing belief of a person is shaken, he may look into the other side or his own argument to find a solution to his problem and to bring back the stability of his belief. This indicates that human beings believe in something they want to believe in because it serves their purposes.
Going back to the example above, one may encounter a disease in which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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