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The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Cultural Traits on the Thinking - Term Paper Example

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The present research paper aims to identify the impact of religious beliefs and cultural traits on the thinking, views, actions, behavior, and exposure of the individuals from the beginning of their socialization process i.e. from adolescence to different phases of life including young…
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The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Cultural Traits on the Thinking
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Cultural Traits on the Thinking"

Download file to see previous pages Being a comparative study, the present research focuses upon Jewish and Hindu cultures with particular concentration upon faiths, norms, mores, values, customs, and conventions observed by both these divergent communities belonging to the pole-apart regions of the globe. The paper provides legitimacy to the hypothesis that religious beliefs, cults and cultural background serve as the identity mark of the individuals, and determine the angle of their thoughts and exposure while their interaction with the outer world from the very beginning. Hence, both faith and culture are the most powerful factors that not only expose the personality characteristics of humans but also leave an indelible impact on the personality, thoughts, actions and behavior of the individuals at large. Since religious beliefs and cultural traits are essential parts of psychological anthropology, the topic would be highly beneficial and supportive in respect of covering the requirements of the subject under analysis.
It has aptly been stated that personality is the amalgamation of different features and factors that exist in the physical and social environment of human beings. These factors include heredity, cultural norms, religious beliefs, and distinctive innate individual habits and unique experiences of life; all these factors serve as essential determinants in the formation of a personality. These factors not only play their dynamic role in making up of persona but also develop liking and disliking as well as priorities and repugnance towards the outer world. Heredity and cultural aspects are considered to be somewhat synchronized ones, where major divergence could be observed in physical appearance from other members of society, while cultural characteristics are almost same in different personalities living in the same environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Cultural Traits on the Thinking Term Paper.
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