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Julius Ceasar and william shakespear - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Julius Caesar and William Shakespeare The Role of Superstition, Omen and Divination in the Roman Society Julius Caesar was a roman political leader who was highly ambitious and successful. He aimed to emerge as a roman unassailable dictator…
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Julius Ceasar and william shakespear
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Extract of sample "Julius Ceasar and william shakespear"

Download file to see previous pages Mark Antony, who was Caesar’s friend, offered an interment oration that remained famous to date. It is fundamental to explore the role of fallacy, omen and divination as demonstrated, and their relationship with the Roman culture and religions, by Brutus, Mark Antony and Julia Caesar. The paper will explore the dynamics among the various characters to establish the role of Shakespeare. Brutus Brutus, being the tragic hero of the play, portrays immense complexity in the character and motivations. Apart from being a powerful figure, he comes out as a loving husband and a good master of his servants. He is also a loving pal and a noble military leader. This character has a rather rigid ideology that doubles up as both his strength and weakness. His quest to put his ambitions on top of everything makes him fit the description of being “the noblest of the Romans.” Besides, he is also committed to principle, and this works against him always as he consistently makes miscalculations. For instance, when Cassius suggested to him that the conspirators would kill Caesar and Antony, he blatantly ignored. He again showed the naivety of his idealism during Caesar’s funeral when he allowed Antony to make the famous oration over the remains of Caesar. Consequently, he forfeited the authority about the last word of the murder, and this ensured that Antony succeeded in inciting the plebeians to protest against his compatriots (Bowen, Shakespeare, and Garcia 47). Julius Caesar He lived and portrayed an overly ambitious character determined to acquire and wield absolute power over Rome. He strongly comes out as a figure that only lived on the minds of other men. He strongly believed that his hold on Rome was permanent and, therefore, committed his loyalty to principles besides regarding himself as a public institution. Unfortunately, this later proved to be his utmost undoing. When Calpurnia, his wife, shared with him her nightmares, he stubbornly dismisses them and fails to heed. He also ignores the supernatural omen circulating in the atmosphere. With the prospects of coronation, Caesar allowed his big ambitions to get on top of him. He lived a life of conflation whereby his public image and private self conjure. This led him to embrace a mistaken belief that he is immortal and that his mortal body protects his public self. However, his mortality later comes into play in Act V, Scene iii, when Brutus attributed the misfortunes befalling Cassius to Caesar’s power coming beyond the grave (Bowen, Shakespeare, and Garcia 18). Antony Antony plays a role in disapproving Brutus’ supposed strength. He is naturally improvisatory and impulsive and this perfectly helps him prove that Brutus is weak. He does this by first persuading the conspirators of his support to gain leniency from them. He then persuades the plebeians of the injustices committed by the conspirators against them and subsequently acquires support of the masses. This makes him a consummate politician who ably could use skilled rhetoric and gestures to his advantage. Besides, he wisely responds to delicate cues from both his friends and enemies to determine his correct mode of conduct in each distinct situation. This always ensured that he gained the biggest advantage among his political peers. When he got an opportunity to eulogize Caesar’s death, he strategically designs his speech and words to please the audience and attract their desires. Interestingly, he ensured ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Julius Ceasar and William Shakespear Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Julius Ceasar and William Shakespear Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Julius Ceasar and William Shakespear Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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