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Do you Believe in Feng Shui - Essay Example

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For the purpose of this paper, the writer interviewed his y parents and they tend to believe in Feng Shui a great deal; they have placed objects in their home on the basis of the same because they believe it helps to secure a better present and bring in the maximum amount of positive energy…
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Do you Believe in Feng Shui
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Extract of sample "Do you Believe in Feng Shui"

Download file to see previous pages This is thus harmful energy and brings bad luck and negative energy from the surroundings into a house facing a T-junction because a house that is facing such a junction is said to have all the negative energy coming in from the road directly into the house without any place for it to escape. If the house is very close to the road then the bad energy seeps in with immense force and is very aggressive. For the purpose of this paper, I interviewed my parents and they tend to believe in Feng Shui a great deal; they have placed objects in their home on the basis of the same because they believe it helps to secure a better present and bring in the maximum amount of positive energy. Superstitions of Feng Shui are believed by many people around the world and as per personal opinion, I do feel that it is true as I have seen my parents practicing it on a daily basis and it has helped to make the home a lighter and more positive place. Every object in the household emanates a certain form of energy; the area that one’s home is placed in has a surrounding environment filled with different forms of energy and in order to churn out the most amount of positivity, it is important to place the objects carefully. It may be regarded as a cultural superstition but is indeed very scientific because it talks about the positive and negative forces of the earth; Feng Shui helps in calming the home by directing all the positive vibes inside. Having superstitions is not detrimental in nature because they help people to be careful; Feng Shui is a very positive superstition and thus it is only beneficial to people that follow it as it helps to channel good vibes into one’s home and keep oneself in a better mood throughout the course of the day which is brought on by positive vibes. It is suggested that if people live in T-junction facing homes, then they should try and get some landscaping done around the house for the energy to dissolve into the surroundings and not focus completely on the home and the members present within. Another way by which the effect of the bad energy can be mitigated is to be living near a road with very less traffic. In order to improve the positive energy in the household, every possible open space in the house should be landscaped in order to minimize the sharpness of the energy; doors and windows should be covered with plants to give out more oxygen and reduce the level of pollutants from the road. Yet another cure is to place a Bagua mirror inside the house which is another superstition that will be discussed further. It is believed that Bagua mirrors protect a household and bring it good luck and positive energy according to Feng Shui, especially if the home is placed in a wrong area or faces an environment consisting of bad or negative energy. The mirrors should ideally be hung outside the house in order to repel or ward off any kind of bad luck or energy passing through the house. Buildings and homes that are placed near T-junctions should ideally include these mirrors in order to ward off the negative energy that approaches them. The origin of this particular superstition may be traced to the i-Ching or the Chinese Book of Changes said to have been created more than 200 years BCE.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Do You Believe in Feng Shui Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Do You Believe in Feng Shui Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Do You Believe in Feng Shui Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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