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Lin-chi and Ten-Foot-Square-Hut - Essay Example

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NAME OF THE STUDENT: LIN-CHI AND THE TEN FEET SQUARE HUT THE ZEN TEACHINGS OF THE MASTER LIN-CHI Record of Lin-chi, translated by Burton Watson explains the existence of a true man without rank in an explicit manner…
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Lin-chi and Ten-Foot-Square-Hut
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Extract of sample "Lin-chi and Ten-Foot-Square-Hut"

Download file to see previous pages The power of action lies in a man’s hand, but his decisions to imply that power is much more powerful than the energy itself. A man capable of extreme stroke, when empowers the desire and maintains to be amid, a man of word and action; becomes a true man. The aim of life is not to wait and watch throughout but to take action when it is needed without hesitation or second thoughts. Doubts can blur the path of destiny so can the temptation of desire. Thus, true man comes with a light and he has a vision which is visible and can be shared by his fellow men. A powerful mind can hold a powerful body, which in turn influences power and control over him and others. Inspiring sayings of Leader of Zen Master, Lin- chi concluded complex laws of life and success; in an easy approach. The core of Buddhism is based on the philosophy of sensibility, down to earth behavior, practical approach of action in life and spirituality. The temptation felt by five senses of a human enable him to experience the state of materialism. The uncountable desires and the appeal of the objective achievement pushes a man into a state of rush for life long. The rigorous journey of Narvana also ends up by rewarding the traveler with experience and patience. Therefore, the control on uncountable desires puts one to ease and struggle for more is stopped by him. This control over temptation makes him the most powerful among others. The relevance of right and wrong is within oneself, thus there is no need to look for the directions elsewhere. Hence, a true man has the potential to evaluate and assess the right path and can ascertain it for others without getting influenced by them. The ancestors of Buddha never looked towards others for the answers they completely depended upon. Lin-chi the master of martial arts depicted action in equilibrium and the tone of voice adjacent to the action. Thus, the action of a leader is not without a reason, if he shouts the message is to convey the note of readiness, as a leader never attacks his rival in the state of ignorance. Every action, shout, beat, knock, kick and jump is balanced in its true essence. Thus, the pattern needs to be learnt and practiced to predict the move of rivals. The clearly of action portray the feature of true man, who can decide the action himself according to the environment. True man is calm and free from any sort of constrains; therefore, his actions have coherence and objectivity in them. Acceptance is the key lesson which a master taught his students to live life gracefully with low expectations. According to the theory of “The way” aimlessness or going nowhere is nothing that should be despised just like today. When you don’t strive for materialistic benefits, they come after you eventually because fate has decided that you will face both glories and blessings in your life. No matter what you do, you cannot get more than your destined or decided share. Acting ordinary is the part of the bargain. Act like the crowd and be contended and confident in the state you are in, which will lead you to your destiny. The same theory can be taken in terms of being true to one self. When people try to be something else to gain benefits, they not only deceive people, but also themselves. Their true nature is even hidden by themselves, which destroys their veracity and uprightness. To be the one you are and not what you desire to be that should be the actual way of living. According to Lin-Chi, a person’s mind should be free from doubts to become a man of true virtues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Lin-Chi and Ten-Foot-Square-Hut Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Lin-Chi and Ten-Foot-Square-Hut Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Lin-Chi and Ten-Foot-Square-Hut Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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