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Rav Shimi Bar Ashi and Rav Papa: Text Study - Essay Example

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What would be different ways to understand Rabi Papa's perception of Rabi Shimi posing questions? One way to understand this, aside from perceiving the questioning as insolence, would be to accept and encourage Rabi Shimi's questioning as an example of a curious mind…
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Rav Shimi Bar Ashi and Rav Papa: Text Study
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"Rav Shimi Bar Ashi and Rav Papa: Text Study"

Download file to see previous pages What would be different ways to understand Rabi Papa's perception of Rabi Shimi posing questions? One way to understand this, aside from perceiving the questioning as insolence, would be to accept and encourage Rabi Shimi's questioning as an example of a curious mind. We could understand Rabi Shimi's opinion of Rabi Papa's role in many different ways. Here, Rabi Shimi seems to believe that the role of Rabi Papa is to answer questions and help him to understand his educational goals. Perhaps Rabi Papa wishes Rabi Shimi to learn through observations (“do as I do, not what I say”) which may be more beneficial in some cicumstances as educators.
3. What would be different ways to understand Rabi Shimi's understanding of Rabi Papa's reaction in prayer? It could be suggested that Rabi Shimi misinterpreted the words of Rabi Papa in prayer. Rabi Shimi perhaps felt that Rabi Papa was asking him to be quiet, whereas Rabi Papa was perhaps just asking for patience and understanding when dealing with the insolence of the pupil. It could be construed in many different ways.
4. What would be different ways to understand Rabi Shimi's decision? We could understand Rabi Shimi's decision as an overreaction to a simple request from Rabi Papa. Rabi Shimi could have perhaps been hurt from the comments on his insolence, but a truly patient and understanding man may have continued to ask valid and important questions of his teacher to try and understand the ways of the Talmud.
5. What would be different ways that Rabi Papa might have explained Rabi Shimi's silence? Rabi Papa would not have known that Rabi Shimi heard his prayer. He may have felt that his prayer was answered and that it was not this simple overhearing that led to the silence of Rabi Shimi. Rabi Papa may have also felt gratitude that his prayer was answered and become more patient with his pupil thanks to the protection from insolence. 6. What each one of them thought, felt or where wondering about? There are many different emotions portrayed in this short piece of text. For one, the teacher seems to have perhaps overreacted and not have the patience that a teacher should. Rabi Papa may have been aggravated or even annoyed at the questioning. He may also have felt relief that the questioning had stopped. There is also a lot of hurt felt on behalf of Rabi Shimi, who may have been insulted or confused as to why his teacher did not welcome his questioning and learning. 7. Why no one try to find out what lies behind the behavior of this colleague? There is no clear answer to this, but it could be said that each one may feel shame at their emotions and perhaps this would lead them not to directly ask about the emotions and behavior of their colleagues. There may also be embarrassment at having to ask for help dealing with the insolence of a student Rabi. 8. What might this story be about? This story seems to be about issues that can be present in trying to correctly deal with the teacher-student roles. It could be about bad teaching practice, or simply about how emotions can lead to prayer. 9. Is the narrator critical of one of the characters? Explain. The narrator seems to be critical mostly of Rabi Papa for not having the patience to deal with the questioning and needing help to deal with the insolence of his pupil. The narrator seems not to be proud of someone needing to 'fall to his face' to deal with problem-solving. 10. What might have been alternative ways to deal with the problem from RabiPapa's perspective; from R. Shimi's perspective? Rabi Papa could have dealt with the problem by discussing it with his pupil and trying to understand where these questions came from. There could have been a bit more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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