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Miracles of Jesus Christ - Essay Example

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Miracles are circumstances where the laws of nature are defied. And this ultimate display of power is best exemplified by no other than Jesus Christ himself. Among the numerous miracles performed by Jesus Christ, eight (and in some literature, seven) miracles have “stood out” as the most evident of God’s glory…
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Miracles of Jesus Christ
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Extract of sample "Miracles of Jesus Christ"

Download file to see previous pages And these were all manifested in the eight miracles of Jesus Christ. Turning of Water into Wine: Jesus Christ as the Living Water Jesus Christ’s first miracle according to John happened during a wedding in Cana in Galilee. There are many facets in the story that would reveal Christ’s deity. Firstly, it could be surmised that John used the symbol of water to signify spiritual cleansing. The element had been numerously cited in the bible to exemplify purification. And to purify oneself, one must have to undergo the process of a parallel spiritual cleansing. And this is achieved through compliance of the instructions of Christ. To point out, in the miracle of turning the plain water to an excellent wine, Mary specifically ordered the servants to follow the instructions given by Christ. These servants represent humanity who has specific orders to dutifully follow the life that Christ lived. And by following the path that Jesus walked, humanity’s old and sinful self dies to pave way to the rebirth of a new and cleansed self. When we receive Christ the Living Water, we symbolically go through death and are resurrected. In this way, Jesus Christ revealed his deity as water element who can wash away our impure selves so we may become clean before God, our Father. Healing of the Dying : Jesus Christ as the Omnipresent God The second miracle that identified God as a supreme deity is when He healed the son of a prominent official as shown in John 1:1-18. The general theme embedded in this account, we may say, centered on incarnation through the power of faith. In this account, God showed Himself as a deity who is capable of healing regardless of time, distance, space, nationality, sickness, etc. He shows no favor and looks upon everyone equally as long as faith is firmly anchored on him. For humans, distance and time (among other limitations) are physical hindrances that prevent us from fully believing in the power of God. But God’s glory is demonstrated when He fully healed the dying son of the official even when he was not in the scene. And God through Jesus Christ, as an omnipresent deity, conquered the challenges brought about by space and time. Restoration of Sight : Jesus Christ as the Light of the World The third miracle performed by Christ is comparable to the previous miracle in such a way that it can be categorized under healing miracles. In this chapter, Jesus Christ manifested His glory and power by restoring the sight of a blind man. In a physical sense, the blind man symbolized blind faith among non-believers and even those who already saw Jesus but remained skeptical about His identity. The parallelism between physical blindness and spiritual blindness were emphasized in this story. Physically, the blind man was not able to see Jesus but the moment He passed by him, he developed a knowing feeling of His presence and was therefore healed. This scenario is a significant event that identified Jesus’ deity as the Light of the World. Biblically, this could be explained by John in the verse: “I am the light of the world”, he said. Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness (John 1:2). In the same way, our spiritual blindness comes to an end when we allow Jesus to work into our lives. Feeding the Five Thousand : Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life Like Jesus’ identification of himself as the water that cleanses, one miracle also revealed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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