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Examining the Prophesy of Daniel 9:24-27 - Research Paper Example

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Examining the Prophesy of Daniel 9:24-27 _ A Research Paper Submitted to (professor name) (university name) _ In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for [Course Number & Name Here] _ By Name July 24, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction…………………………………
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Examining the Prophesy of Daniel 9:24-27
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Extract of sample "Examining the Prophesy of Daniel 9:24-27"

Download file to see previous pages ...................................... 3 Messianic Hope………………………………......................................................... 5 Past or Present………………………………........................................................... 7 Conclusion………………………………................................................................. 8 Examining the Prophesy of Daniel 9:24-27 Introduction Understanding scripture, especially the prophecies of the Old Testament, is often difficult and without a sense of logic. However, the prophesy that was given in the book of Daniel in regard to what has been the interpretation of the coming of Jesus and the fulfillment of the Messianic prophesy is interpreted as a specific proof of the divinity and purpose of the life of Jesus. In looking at verses, one can see a specific and almost detailed recount of how the life of Jesus would relate to the redemption cycle. In looking at Daniel 9:24-27, the most important and central event in the plan that God has for his children can be seen through the expectation of the event as defined within the prophesies of the book of Daniel. Overview According to Chazan, the prophecy that was set out in Daniel was the mission that was taken by Jesus of Nazareth. According to the way in which early Christians identified the prophesy, it fit precisely into the framework that is given within these words. Daniel had asked God information and for a quick redemption for his people. God had promised that the redemption would come over a period that was much longer than seventy years. Early Christians saw this as a perfect to the time period that framed the life of Jesus. The prediction of Daniel, the “abomination of desolation” is the predicting element that is repeated by Jesus which will bring forth true salvation.1 Jerome, who lived in the third and fourth century, wrote about the connection between the prophesies in Daniel to the gospels written by both Mark and Mathew. For Jerome, the passage in Daniel was a clearly a predictor for the coming of Jesus, one of the most central and important pieces of the Old Testament to the Christian movement.2 This prophesy, seemingly fulfilled by Jesus, was proof that he was the Messiah. In this fulfillment, is the proof of His divinity, the promise come into fruition that redemption would be given to the Jewish people. In defining the connection between Jesus and this vital prophesy, He is made manifest into the hope that Daniel had given to his people. Where faith is essential, proofs such as correlations between prophesy and known facts provides greater depth to the beliefs that are held about the nature of Jesus’ position in the Christian faith. According to Chazan, “Daniel 9:24 indicated, for Christian readers, the broad sweep of the redemptive process, involving expiation of sin, fulfillment of prophesy, and anointing of Jesus”.3 The early Christians needed to find ways to show how the life of Jesus was a definitive divinely mandated fulfillment, the nature of the entire belief system predicated on the idea that Jesus was the source of redemption. In these verses by Daniel, the prophetic and the historical line up, thus this creates a sense of proof for the Christian that Jesus is what he or she believes him to be. Although faith is the foundation of the belief, having Biblical and Historical proofs provides context on which to build faith. Of course, the problem comes in the nature of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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