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Affect of music - Essay Example

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Allan Bloom makes known some captivating views about the contemporary music culture which is popular in American society. It has often been observed the music as paved the way for controversies and debates among the public as well artists…
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Affect of music
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Extract of sample "Affect of music"

Religion and Theology Introduction Allan Bloom makes known some captivating views about the contemporary music culture which is popular in Americansociety. It has often been observed the music as paved the way for controversies and debates among the public as well artists. In the work entitled ‘’Music”, Bloom criticizes young people and their music culture. He argues that classical music is dead in the hands of young people. The number of youngsters who keep serious attitude towards classical music has also identified as decreasing. As Bloom comments; “Their presence is undeniable, but they involve not more than 5 to10 percentage of the students” (Bloom 69). Bloom attacks rock music by mentioning that rock music always promotes premature ecstasy among the youths and it also raises low level sexual and barbaric motivations. Bloom underlines the fact that young people weave their lives within music and nothing else. Bloom arguments against popular music culture could be powered with the support of some rock based statistics in America. Bloom’s criticism against rock music reaches its zenith when he said that rock music explores youth’s sexual inhibitions. Analyzing Allan Bloom arguments against popular American music, one can comprehend that his views are intriguing and one cannot fully accept his views and findings about popular music. Considering the critical comments from various fields, it is obvious that Bloom does not give a decent argument towards youth’s existing music culture. One can notice some elements of narrow-mindedness in Bloom’s approach. The most significant thing is that Blooms developed his thesis based only on classical and rock music. Here, it is better to include the music genre rock as a variable to analyze Bloom’s arguments on popular music. In the beginning of the chapter, Bloom remarks that the lives of young Americans are influenced with music and as such they do not give much importance to any other thing. But one can find number of public hobbies that attracted many people. It is quite awful to avoid the contributions of farmers and well street tycoons in American culture. Lyrics in rock music often describe topics related with romantic love and also other contemporary social or political issues. Unlike Bloom’s arguments, rock music handles variety of subjects like nationality, love, politics, religion and morality. Rock is generally considered as a song-based performance. Green Days has achieved the status of the best and most continuing mainstream rock bands for the last few years the United States. Song of the Century is the opening song in their 8th studio album 21th Century Breakdown. In this song they present the story of two lovers who almost trapped in a world where filled with broken promises. The song East Jesus sings about Christian religion and their two sided agendas. The song describes the Hippocratic attitude of Christian religion and its moral deconstruction. Here, one cannot say that rock music deny religion and other topics related with religion like salvation, reconsolidation and religious symbols. The song explores the changes that took place in religion. David Nantai’s observations underline the fact that rock music keeps positive approach towards religion. Author states; “Rock and roll is not recognized as a formal organized religion, but it is exactly due to its similarities to a true religion that makes it so attractive to evangelical Christians” (Nantais 22). Personal, social, and financial isolation in 1960s resulted refusal of organized social institutions and organized forms of religion. Rock music introduces a new myths and symbols to substitute the old religious principles. Reader can find that rock music made an attempt to capture the spiritual aspects of material existence. Similarly, East Jesus, the widely accepted rock album by Green Days, portrays an innovative religious concept which breaks traditional concepts about Christianity. In religion, especially Christian religion, salvation and reconciliation is identified as an experience of the mystical or supernatural which results to take on a set of beliefs and practices, then rock culture can be justifiably viewed as religion. Verse in much rock music often describes salvation and reconciliation with the background of new humanistic approach. Conclusion When it concludes, it is evident that social, cultural and religious changes affect the acceptance of popular art forms like music, literature, film and paintings. Allan Bloom’s arguments about popular music culture in American society provide some intriguing arguments and it lacks scientific evidences and logical support. Unlike Blooms arguments, rock music made a different approach towards religion and religious related topics. Popular rock music bands like Green Days presents religious principles in critical perspectives. Allan Blooms arguments are sometimes appeared in farfetched or not well hold up. Popular songs in American Rock music present variety of subjects which reflects public reactions against social, religious and cultural changes. Works Cited Bloom, A D. The closing of the American mind. Simon and Schuster, 1988. Print. Nantais, David. Rock-A My Soul: An Invitation to Rock Your Religion. Liturgical Press, 2011. Print. Read More
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