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Religion and Society - Essay Example

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By looking into the history of the globe at large, it becomes evident that an overwhelming majority of almost all societies have been the followers of one religious group or the other. …
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Religion and Society
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Download file to see previous pages In the long list of the existing faiths, the Abrahamic religions enjoy unique and distinctive place in their nature and scope. The number and proportion of these faiths dominate in the world, as over half of the total world population consists of the followers of these three faiths. There are almost 13.3 million Jews (0.23% of the world population), most of which live in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa and Israel. (LeElef, 2011) Similarly, there are 2.1 billion Christians, while 1.34 billion Muslims, i.e. approximately 33.1% and 21% of the world population respectively. (Quoted in Judaism, Christianity and Islam are viewed to be the Abrahamic religions due to the very reality that they follow almost one and the same mythology and religious belief systems. All these three religions have developed faith in monotheism, and unconditionally believe that Almighty God is regulating all the affairs of the world. They also share the concepts of angels, satanic forces, heaven, hell, the Resurrection Day, reincarnation and concept of rewards and punishments in their fold. Moreover, their Holy Scriptures i.e. the Holy Torah, Bible and the Holy Qur’an also share Adam’s creation, dwelling and expulsion from the Eden Garden; they also appear to be in consensus that Satan seduced the first parents of humanity, and led them to taste the fruit of the Forbidden Tree. Since then Satan and his accomplices rebel angels have been at war with the descendants of Adam and Eve from the time of their birth and blessings bestowed upon them by the Lord. Their Holy Scriptures also present almost the same description of the Noah’s Great Deluge, Abraham’s holy life, and the tales of the holy prophets including Jacob, Job, Joseph, Moses, David and the latter holy personalities. Somehow, they also observe imperative differences with one another in their fold; as the Jews do not consider Jesus and Muhammad as the prophets of God, and the Jews and Christians refuse to accept and admit the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon both of him) as the holy messenger sent by the same God, Who had appointed the earlier prophets for the guidance of humanity at large. The Jews did not view Jesus as the son of the Holy Virgin Mary, and blasphemously declare him as the son of some Joseph, to whom they maintain the belief that Mary was married. Consequently, the followers of all the three Abrahamic faiths have been at daggers drawn for centuries, and even seek the support of infidels and pagans in order to crush one another at any cost. The intensity of hatred among these religions has cost thousands of precious lives, and still rivalry between them seeks no ending altogether. By minutely studying and making comparison among the Leviticus 19 from the Old Testament, the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ and the Last Sermon by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it becomes evident that their teachings appear to be the source of one and the same light, and also focus upon the same beliefs including worship of One God, obeying the parents, practicing nobility, chastity and graciousness to all humans without discrimination, paying charity, avoiding harm to others and looking after the fellow beings etc. However, instead of complying with the commands of their Scriptures, the followers of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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