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The medieval era and The Renaissance Era - Research Paper Example

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The essay "The medieval era and The Renaissance‎ Era" discovers the Imagination, Values, and Emotions, Comparing The medieval era and Renaissance‎ Era. The art was mainly characterized for the churches and Holy monuments to glorify God…
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The medieval era and The Renaissance Era
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Download file to see previous pages The Middle age was followed by the Renaissance movement which evolved in the 14th century. Renaissance is divided in to three important periods that are the Early Renaissance, High Renaissance and Late Renaissance or Mannerism. There was a substantial turn over in arts during this period as it was given more financial attention compared to the former Era. The art groomed and flourished as the artists paid more attention to the perspective. The paintings, sculptures and drawing were realistic and a sense of emotion was expressed in the art. Human body was given immense importance. The beauty of human physique was appreciated through arts. The artists of the Renaissance movement played with colors. They applied the techniques of light, color and space used by the ancient Roman and the Greek. Their focus was more worldly and secular. The artists drew paintings that manifested the social life and routine activities of the people. The concept of linear perspective was also introduced which helped the artists to create illusions of space and distance on a level surface. Hence art was exuberated. The art in this Era was modernized. The paintings now exhibited man studying philosophy and math rather than praying to God. This drastic change in the field of arts was attributed to the diminishing belief of the people in religion. For instance the painting of Jan Van Eyck depicted a couple being married in a room rather than a church. Although people adopted the modern style of arts there was an indelible relation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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