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Summarize each to 10 pages - Book Report/Review Example

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Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine is written by Wayne Grudem. The book’s name itself is a common term used in Christian theology. Theology is the study of religion, it allows one to understand and learn more about a religion…
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Summarize each book to 10 pages
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Download file to see previous pages Then the topic is further divided into chapters to give a detailed explanation. Also, the various popular arguments related to the topic are discussed and the author comes to a conclusion to them. The related passages of the Scripture are quoted to give weight to the author’s opinion. This is followed by suggestions of how the doctrine can be used in one’s daily life, how it can be implemented by one and what doing so may result in. In the introduction of the book Grudem defines systematic theology. It is a mixture of biblical, historical and at times philosophical theology. Its main aim is to draw a proper account of the teachings of the Bible and of the doctrines it talks about. System theology also explains how following the doctrines may cause changes in the implementation of the other doctrines as they are all related to each other. This theology is a part of practical theology in which passages from the Scripture are used to draw conclusions which are then pertinent to the Church. It addresses topics such as God, Humanity, etc. and endeavors to summarize the biblical teachings about that topic. The first part of the book is “The Doctrine of the Word of God”. Grudem focuses on the words of God which were penned down in the form of the Bible. The Holy Book consists of the Old and the New Testament. These are deemed to be reliable as everything which God told the Christians has been added in these, nothing more and nothing less. Reading God’s words in the Bible convinces the reader of its legitimacy. God never lies, so the Bible is the ultimate truth, there are no inaccuracies whatsoever despite what people may say. It is not the Bible but the people who do not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible that are wrong. Jesus insisted that the Scripture is quite clear and it is the people who do not understand it. It is the responsibility of the scholars to explain the contents of the Book to those who are ignorant. They should answer all their questions so that they understand it properly. The Bible plays an important role in believing in God. It helps in the followers leading a spiritual life, but the Bible is not necessary to believe that God exists. Looking around, seeing all His creations we can see the proof of His existence. Similarly, it is the conscience of the people which allows or disallows them from practicing sins or the good deeds. It is believed that the passages which the Scripture consists of are more than enough for the followers. We should be satisfied and content with what God has shared with us. We should trust and obey Him perfectly as He has provided us with a means of salvation and redemption. He has given us all knowledge that we require. The answers may not be quite clear, but if we delve further into it, it is all available. We cannot say that there is insufficient information provided to us. The second part is titled “The Doctrine of God”. God exists and the proof is all around us. There is the Scripture we read, the belief in the inner sense of God, that He is our Creator. We know about His existence because it was His will. We cannot fully understand Him but we can know Him truly. God has several attributes which can be classified as the “communicable” or the “incommunicable attributes”. The former are those which we share with Him but in various amounts like wisdom, etc. The latter are qualities which are solely His such as His ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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