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The Development of Personal Values - Essay Example

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This essay is about "The Development of Personal Values". Personal value, as the term suggests, is an individual's beliefs that build their character…
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Extract of sample "The Development of Personal Values"

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  • Personal enrichment
  • Wisdom
  • Integrity
  • Family
  • Service
Of course, I believe in so much more values, but the above are the main that shape my lifestyle and are part of the development of personal values essay. Others originate from the main five I have mentioned above and compliment them. Also, I value honesty, kindness, and dependability. Since humans are slaves to their intellect and values, personal values are the essence of who we are. That is why everyone must comprehend their values. What do you think is most important to you and informs on your personality most? Upon realization of such factors, you will familiarize yourself with your values, which are very important in our experiences. Do people have a choice in their family? You are born in a family out of chance, and you have no obligation but to consider them as part of your life. Therefore, embracing the family ideology among your biggest values is an important concept. I do not have a perfect family, but I highly value them than other people regardless. Remember that all your experiences start at home, even the values that shape your judgment. That is why I attach great value to my family. They are with me through thick and thin, and that is something that you can hardly get from somewhere else. Hence, they have become an important part of my life. Service is another significant value for me. I enjoy helping other people that require my assistance. Who does not feel good when offering service to people, and when you are appreciated, the value is terrific? I am a firm believer in a life of service because if people choose to help one another, there would be fewer people that desire assistance. Regardless of your limitations, whatever little you can do is important and goes a long way in helping people that required that assistance. The union created by numerous people taking the initiative to serve is an excellent accomplishment in society. That is why having this among my values is important. I also attach high value to personal achievement. When people pursue education to the highest levels, they achieve tremendous personal growth, which means that they have elevated their individualism. In essence, I work on my attributes through my initiative to pursue an elevated achievement. Imagine a universe where everyone is aiming this high. Would it not be a fantastic world where everyone you meet holds great values, including wisdom? Over time, it has been proven that learning and growing are important parts of belief creation and survival. These growth initiatives brought about by knowledge and resulting in personal enrichment are what have created the technologies and societal progress that we value today. And having this among your values is an integral approach towards life. Integrity is one value that is incredibly important for me as it means sticking to all other personal values. Integrity is all about standing up for what you believe in, and without it, I would find it hard to abide by my personal values. I consider integrity important in life as people must hold themselves responsible for the consequences of their actions. There is no essence of having personal values that you value and cannot stick to in your life. That is why having the integrity to stand your ground and live under your personal values is favorable. Developing Personal Values – Steps to Adopting the Best Since different people possess distinct personal values, it means that the development approach for these values is variable. However, for me, I developed my beliefs in several ways and over time. The factors contributing to my beliefs are:
  • How I was brought up
  • Living condition and situation
  • Education and work experiences
The factors, as mentioned earlier, have had a massive impact on building my personal values and shaping them to what they are currently. My upbringing has affected how I view society at large; hence it has helped shape my values. My parents and grandparents informed me of the relevance of family and integrity. Also, through my upbringing, I came to learn about honesty and kindness and why they are important beliefs. These values developed in me while I was interacting with my family more so my parents and grandparents who taught me quite a lot. I learned about the importance of a family unit, a value that instilled in my mind until today. And as I have mentioned, it is a significant constituent of my personal values. My living situation has also affected the values that I have picked up over time. I have lived in various conditions, which has massively impacted my life and what I value. First, I have resided in a community whereby every participant was active in taking care of everyone else, which seemed like one of their values. Also, I have lived in both the upper and lowers class settings. Considering the multifaceted approach to my living scenarios, I have picked certain traits that have informed on my personal values. For instance, residing among rich people has allowed me to value other important things in life and realize that money is not everything. Also, as I have lived in low regions, I now appreciate the value of hard work. My different living circumstances have exposed me to unique encounters that have shaped my personal values. Education has also massively shaped my personal experiences, impacting my personal values as well. Education is a journey of exploring the unknown from the known. Education imparts wisdom that forces you to question different stands and why they are so, meaning that you end up further enriching your personal values. Without the experiences that come with education, many would hardly comprehend their personal values. Since wisdom is an important aspect of life and also contributes to personal values, you must pursue it at all costs. Through my learning experiences, I have come to know that knowledge comes with wisdom. Remember that personal enrichment comes with a better education that you achieve via going to school to improve your values. Through my educational experiences, I have learned that knowledge is limitless, and there is a lot to get out there. Honestly, my educational experiences have helped me develop my personal values. Work experiences have helped me learn about the importance of community values. I have participated in both spectrums of the workforce and have done work as part of management and employee. Therefore, I have come to learn the essence of service more clearly. This revelation has helped me to be honest, hardworking, and a team player. All this work has gone into building my personal values. Restructuring Personal Values Since people develop over time, they revise their personal values, and I use a particular criterion for adjusting. Of course, this is a significant move and is never easy. Usually, you will have to consider work on numerous elements to make the revision of your values effective. I consider the positives and negatives of my values and then prioritize when I am doing my value revision, and it works amazingly well. I cannot revise my personal values without knowing my proprieties. Everyone holds their personal values to heart; however, certain situations happen that lead you to question your strong stance. Therefore, you start thinking about the most important values and start prioritizing your values. The prioritizing technique for your values is a pros and cons approach concerning your current situation. When I am aware of the positive and negative impact of my personal values, I can easily revise them and come up with something that makes sense for the current scenario. It is easy to work once you learn what you can distinguish. A great example is when my personal values do not exist in perfect integration and conflict. I might have a conflict between family and integrity values, and at that moment, I have to work out the negatives and positives to know how to prioritize. How Personal Values Affect Work Performance It is evident that personal values are massive determinants of how a person will behave in the work environment. For instance, someone that does not have integrity among their values will not hesitate to cut corners whenever they get the opportunity at work. Since I am a firm believer in goodness, I can never work in a situation that compromises my values. According to my personal values, I attach high respect to hard work, creativity, wisdom, and personal achievement. I struggle to learn everything possible at work so that I can be valuable and produce the ideal results.  People develop personal value as they grow, and throughout life, they learn about them and adopt as part of their firm values. Values are created form educational experiences, living conditions, upbringing, and working environment encounters. You can use different approaches to revise personal value, but prioritizing is an excellent way of doing it. Within no time, you will realize your values are in perfect cohesion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Development of Personal Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words, n.d.)
The Development of Personal Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words.
(The Development of Personal Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
The Development of Personal Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“The Development of Personal Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”.
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