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Recommendations for the UK Government to Cope with Criminals - Essay Example

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The paper "Recommendations for the UK Government to Cope with Criminals" describes that most criminals involve themselves in crime due to their way of thinking. Helping the criminals to reform their way of thinking will help in making sure that they are reformed from crime and they can save them a lot…
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Recommendations for the UK Government to Cope with Criminals
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Extract of sample "Recommendations for the UK Government to Cope with Criminals"

Download file to see previous pages Forensic psychologists work with criminals and try to help them to reform their thinking and this helps them to reform criminal activity. The ethos of this is that criminality is a psychological issue that needs to be solved from this angle as opposed to just sending criminals to jail. Forensic psychologists work on the ethos that it is more efficient to rehabilitate criminals through therapy as opposed to sending them to incarceration. It is hinged on the belief that it is not only possible but it is also better to rehabilitate the criminals through giving them psychological counseling (McLeod, 2004, 2009). Forensic psychologists believe that the traditional way of rehabilitating criminals is not only ineffective but it is also dangerous in some cases. The code of ethics that must be applied has to do with confidentiality of the patients' information. Those involved in the forensic psychology practice have to protect the patient from harassment and so they must not share the information that the patient has shared with them. For instance, they must not give information that is incriminating to the police with regard to the patient. Its goal is to aid the patient to reform and to become between by altering the way they think.
The patient will be meeting with their designated therapists for two sessions in every week. The person will be given therapy through given them counseling and also by giving them assignments that will help them to transform from their criminal behavior. There will be various ways in which the sessions will be carried, based on which is the most convenient for both the service givers and the patients. For instance, because some participants may be in prison, the best mode of delivery would be to go there and have a session there. Those who may be in high school (young people) will have their sessions designed in the way that best suits their needs. They can attend the sessions on weekends when they are not attending school or there can be an arrangement with their school to help them to be able to deal with the issue.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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