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Bowen Assumed - the Person's Problem Appears due to Family Dysfunction - Research Paper Example

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The project discusses the theories of a pioneer of family therapy Bowen. He observed the families after WWII and noted dramatic transformations which happened in them. His family therapy treated a person's problem through the prism of dysfunction in the whole family…
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Bowen Assumed - the Persons Problem Appears due to Family Dysfunction
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Extract of sample "Bowen Assumed - the Person's Problem Appears due to Family Dysfunction"

Download file to see previous pages Bowen saw a family as consisting of a whole unit whose thoughts dwell on multigenerational. In multigenerational, Bowen argues that the family’s inability to function is as a result of the transmission from one generation to the other. For instance, an individual with certain inequities tends to seek a spouse who lacks such differentiation. The primary belief here is to get a child who does not show much of such differentiation.
Bowen’s theory emphases on ensuring that the punter gets to know their problem rather than concentrating on solving the problem (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). However, there are also other prominent theories that Bowen employ in his family counseling. For instance, the theory of structuralism. Structuralism appeals that human culture must be unspoken in terms of how people relate to one another. Structuralism dwell on things that the human being do, think, perceive and feel. Moreover, it says that human life depends on mutual coexistence and relationship with the rest of the family members and when this relationship lacks something has to be done about it (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). Structuralism employs the use of introspection in its study. In Bowen’s effort to use structuralism, he argues that togetherness is the key driver to human relationship. He again says that there are forces in human needs that create a desire for companionship and independence. These forces could either be opposing or attractive. However, Bowen notes that the level of success or failure of these forces depends mainly on the principle of self- differentiation. Self- distinction demonstrates the ability of reflective thinking but not reaction under control of emotions and compressions (Bomar, 2004).
 Secondly, Bowen played a key role in the employment of psychoanalytical theory in examining how the internal and external factors influence the functioning of human personality (Aston, Corbett, & Aston, 2009). It explains how the senior members of the family like mother and father can act as an external object by either positively or negatively influence their children’s character. The parents can transmit their parental problem to the children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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