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Alcoholism: Disease or Behavior - Research Paper Example

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The essay "Alcoholism: Disease or Behavior" explores the alcoholism as a big problem. More than 100,000 U.S. deaths are caused by excessive alcohol consumption each year. Alcohol is the most commonly used and widely abused psychoactive drug in the world…
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Alcoholism: Disease or Behavior
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"Alcoholism: Disease or Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages This paper analyses various arguments in favor and against alcoholism as a disease and behavioral problem. Nobody has any doubt or second opinions about the consequences of alcoholism. However, people have different opinions while defining alcoholism. This is because of the fact that the reasons for alcoholism are still unknown or the medical experts, psychologists and sociologists have different views in their perceptions about alcoholism. Medical science has contrasting views about alcoholism; Physicians consider alcoholism as a disease whereas psychologists and sociologists consider it as a behavioral problem. Many people argue that alcoholism is labeled as a physical disease only to exploit the commercial side of alcoholism. American medical association (AMA) declared alcoholism as a disease around 55 years before. Now AMA thinks that alcoholism has dual nature; elements of disease and behavioral problems can be witnessed in alcoholism. Some of the modern theories argue that alcoholism is a disease caused by the some of the dysfunctions of brain.
Alcoholism has several stages. In the first stage it appears as a behavioral problem or defense mechanism to escape from emotional problems and stresses. During the second stage, alcoholism may appear in more severe form than in the first stage. At this stage the drinker knows about the consequences of his behavior and will make unsuccessful efforts to get rid of his drinking behavior. During the third sage, the drinker may become more problematic and he may lose control of his drinking habits. The conversion of alcoholism from a behavioral problem to a disease may begin at this stage. During the fourth stage, alcoholism may become chronic and it can be considered as a disease from here onwards. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...As we mature, our attitudes often change, and we learn to view things differently. Think about an important change in your attitude toward a person, a group of people, idea or tradition. People encounter certain experiences which change the course of their whole life. As a person moves towards its mature age he starts thinking about both (positive and negative) aspects of a matter. An immature person normally passes his comments on what is being portrayed. He doesn't actually concentrate on the whole issue. Like many other people I used to drink alcohol. I have been drinking alcohol since the past five years and it seemed that I would not leave this habit in the distant future. It started off with...
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...Introduction Recent research findings into causes and prevention of coronary heart disease offer some really interesting as well as controversial information into heart disease. Scientist offer that moderate intake of alcohol can actually reduce risk of coronary heart disease significantly. This is interesting because who would have though anything good could come out of that bottle of hard liquor, wine or frothy beer It has always been the case that alcohol brings devastating results to the family unit, societal welfare and economic standing of individuals. This is especially so when it becomes a compulsive addiction. Nonetheless these research...
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Alcoholism is a Disease
...I. Introduction In spite of the reality that they disease framework of alcoholism has mislaid its position as approach in international intellectualsocieties, the alcoholism study and treatment circles in the United States asserts determined commitment to the principles of the disease framework. The disease framework and the associated therapeutic purpose of self-discipline persist to overwhelmingly govern the treatment of alcoholism in the United States. Analysts have recommended that financial and political interests have functioned to sustain the supremacy of the disease framework, in spite of findings that defies its...
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...been noted that youngsters would also be involved in alcoholic intake because of a family history where alcohol intake was high. Social interactions at home with family members seem to be highly influential. Thus, when children get across their parents and get to see them drinking then the child is more likely to inhibit similar behavior of drinking alcohol (Jarapa & Perez, 1997). It should be noted that gene transmission is another aspect of alcoholism factor. It should be noted that genes that transfer metabolism of alcohol put children to become on risk of consuming alcohol. The dependency of these children becomes...
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Youth alcoholism ‘blackouts’ or memory loss and the youth are most vulnerable after drinking. There is decreased mental sharpness and one cannot judge on what they are doing (Dudley 12-14). Most teenagers engage in risky sexual behavior at such points as well as drunken driving. Increased drinking causes alcohol intoxication that can lead to induced comas and cardiovascular arrest (Saunders & Ray 239). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that there is a strong relationship between the use of alcohol and other substances and the occurrences of vices. Their study shows that about three quarters of youths between the age of 12 and 21 that smoke also use alcohol. A...
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..., the physiologic consequences of limiting alcohol consumption becomes almost unbearable without support hence the aim of a nurse is to intervene and support the patient. Being a RN responsible for care of such patients it is an obligation on my part to understand the needs of the patient without making any kind of assumption and keeping the dignity of the patient (NMC,2008). A RN needs to understand the want for mental, emotional and physiological support during withdrawal period and provide care accordingly. The aim is to support them in since the phase of withdrawal is extremely tough and in many cases converts into aggressive behavior. Care and safety of the patient also comes under the duty of a RN...
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