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Behavioural effects of alcoholism in young people - Essay Example

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It had been defined in a number of ways. Based on the historic definition, alcoholism is the condition related to the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages regardless of the…
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Behavioural effects of alcoholism in young people
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"Behavioural effects of alcoholism in young people"

Download file to see previous pages ion of alcoholism on modern medicine, alcoholism can be triggered by the intake of alcohol and the resulting ailment can be affected by different factors such as the quantity of the alcohol taken, the frequency of alcohol consumption, the capacity or tolerance in terms of intake. These factors differ for each person. In addition, although the biological mechanism underpinning alcoholism are uncertain, some suggested risk factors include social environment, stress, emotional health, genetic predisposition, age and gender (Goodwin, 2000).
The objectives of the study then is to present background information on the problem of alcoholism by presenting the composition and history of the beverage, the main causes of alcoholism and ultimately the effects of alcoholism to young members of the population.
There are different perspectives involved in the issue of alcoholism. One is the chemical composition of the alcohol, although it cannot be considered the main reason for having alcoholism since the ailment is mainly based on behaviour of the person. Although this is the case it is important to determine the composition of the alcoholic beverages.
The development of alcoholic beverages in different parts of the world such as the ancient era represented by Babylon in 2,700 BC, China in 7000 BC, India between 3000 and 2000 BC, and Greece in 1700 BC and the modern era represented by the Pre-Columbian America and Early Modern Europe. After the continuous significant influence of alcoholic beverages in the social and cultural aspect, incidence of alcoholism increased (, 2010c).
One of the points that are needed to be considered is the alcohol and its cultural and historical role in the English region specifically. Through the history of Britain and other European countries, the role of alcoholic beverages is recognized. In the 18th century, England was renowned for having the ‘Gin and Debauchery’ which is a mayor producer of alcoholic beverages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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