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Alcoholic Abuse - Assignment Example

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Alcoholic Abuse
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Extract of sample "Alcoholic Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages to "hold their liquor" better than those without such history. Experts suggest some people
may inherit a lack of those warning signals that ordinarily make people stop drinking.
Research suggest this factor may contribute between 40 per cent and 60 per cent of
alcoholism cases related to genetic factors. (alcoholism).
Alcoholism in parents increase the risk for violent behaviour and abuse toward
their children. Children of alcoholics tend to do worse academically than others. I will be
using the Wisconsin Psychometric test as a measuring tool to test this hypothesis on my
targeted sample of Children of alcoholic parents, against children of parents who are not
alcoholics. I will be using the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) for
inputting my collected data, which will do the correlations, multicollinearity, and
hypothesis. I will assess the incidence of depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem and
criminality, of those who are the off spring of alcoholic parents against those who are not.
The kind of clear-cut model of the genetic sources of alcoholism perceived by the
public and presented in the public tracts does not accurately reflect the state of knowledge
in this area. No persuasive genetic mechanism has been proposed to account for
accumulated data about alcoholic behaviour, social differences in alcoholism rates or the
unfolding of the disease.
Biological findings about the offspring of alcoholics have been inconsistent and
grounds exist to challenge the notion of an enhanced genetic liability for alcoholism that
has been accepted wisdom for the last decade. Genuine attempts to forge data and theory
into genetic models have been limited to men...
Abrams and Niura ed (xx), Closing in on Addiction New Findings suggest a biochemical common ground, Social and Biological Theories in a combined Model, National Clearing House For Alcohol and Drug Information. Retrieved on line on March 4, 2006; from
Niolon, Richard, Closing In on Addiction New Findings Suggest a Biochemical Common Ground, National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Retrieved on line on March 2, 2006 from,html
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