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A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Life of a Well Known Public Figure - Essay Example

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The essay aims to present the psychoanalytic understanding of the life of Margaret Thatcher in the light of some psychological concepts divulged by some psychologists. The essay discusses the aspects of the psychology of Margaret Thatcher that contributed towards her inclusion in the list of ENTJ people…
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A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Life of a Well Known Public Figure
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Extract of sample "A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Life of a Well Known Public Figure"

Download file to see previous pages She has been regarded as one of the most influential and key figures of the late 20th-century politics. She also left lasting impacts upon the international affairs management and politics. The people who know her personally believe that she was a distinctive and forceful individual and her leadership style played the vital role in determining her successful role as the Prime Minister of England. Her personality is a great source of inspiration for the people and the attributes of her personality are also studies and analyzed in detailed to find out the role of her personality traits behind her successful tenure as the Prime Minister of England and as a politician. Along with the political analyst and experts the psychologists have also paid attention towards her strong personality and have identified certain aspects of her psychology that have healed attaining her desired goals in her life. ENTJ is the abbreviation used to refer extraversion, intuition, thinking, the judgment that was used in Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI). It refers to one of the personality types developed by prominent psychiatrist Carl G. Jung. His study proposed that the cognitive functions work to shape the personality of an individual with specific attributes and traits. The people with the personality type ENTJ has been regarded as the rarest type of personalities. The people of this personality type used to be self-driven, motivating, energetic, confident and competitive. People of this time mostly focus upon the big picture and exert their efforts in building long-term strategies rather focusing on the short-term and less important issues. Jung also clarified that the people of this personality type have strong influence upon the others. They manage their work with unusual organizing capabilities and evolve as strong leaders as having the skills to direct and motivate people in the desired direction. There are some specific personality attributes of this type of personality identified by Jung and it is also regarded that Margaret Thatcher truly deserves to have an ENTJ personality because her attitudes, cognitive response and acts throughout her life and career indicate that she has very strong, motivating and influential personality with dynamic leadership skills. Following discussion provides the psychoanalytical understanding of the personality of Margaret Thatcher according to the key personality attributes identified by Jung in MBTI. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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