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A Psychological Approach to My Oedipus Complex - Research Paper Example

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This paper intends to present My Oedipus Complex in a psychological view, and analyzing its characters in parallel with the series of events as congruent to the process of undergoing the Oedipus complex, delving deeper on the reasons for the main character’s behavior…
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A Psychological Approach to My Oedipus Complex
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Extract of sample "A Psychological Approach to My Oedipus Complex"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the Oedipal complex, as it occurs to a preschool boy, becomes a struggling circumstance for him, as he desires his mother being his love-object at the same time viewing his father as his rival. The behavior of the child thus tends to be aggressive in order to gain his mother’s attention and assert his stand against his father. Nonetheless, this complex can be resolved appropriately and contributes largely to his personality in the coming years. This concept’s main ideas as mentioned are woven into the cited story. Narrated in the first person point of view, Frank O’Connor’s My Oedipus Complex is about a boy named Larry who undergoes the said psychological experience. Larry, approximately a preschooler, likens his father’s presence to that of Santa Claus, who “came and went mysteriously”. All those years when his father served in the First World War, Larry has his mother’s full attention and has established an early morning routine with her. However, things start to change when his father comes back home as the war has ended. Larry notices that his mother is giving more importance to the presence of his father, evidenced by the reprimands he receives especially when it comes to waking him early in the morning, resulting to a break in his routine talk with his mother. As the story progresses, Larry’s jealousy and conceived rivalry of his father towards her mother intensifies. He views his father’s actions as ways to separate him from his mother, and thus acts defensively. He hypothesizes reasons why his father is precious to his mother such as interest in newspapers, smoking, and making noises with his tea, but rather concludes that it is a result of “being grown-up and giving people rings”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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