ROOM by Emma Donoghue - socialization and affects on development - Essay Example

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The present paper aims to elaborate the impact and influence of the socialization process on the cognitive development of the young ones…
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ROOM by Emma Donoghue - socialization and affects on development
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"ROOM by Emma Donoghue - socialization and affects on development"

Download file to see previous pages Somehow, the developments witnessed by the protagonist, portrayed by Donoghue mirror the Freud’s Oedipus Complex theory, which claims to be child’s maintaining physical and sentimental attraction to the parent of his/her opposite gender.
Recent studies endorse the very notion that psychodynamic and person-centered methodologies have obtained profound popularity during twentieth century onward with regards to personality development perspectives. One of the most important reasons behind applying these approaches includes the exploration of the factors playing vital role in the personality development and formation during the initial years of human life. Hence, the works created by the writers, poets, philosophers, painters and film directors etc are analyzed and investigated into by keeping in view the psychological approaches articulated by the theorists while determining the factors of cognitive and personality developmental processes.
Famous early 20th century American psychologist has articulated his Hierarchy of Needs Theory, where he has discussed the nature of the basic human needs and essentiality of the fulfillment of these needs for the adequate growth of the individuals. Five motivational factors, according to Maslow, include physiological, safety, social, ego and self-actualization. Physiological needs are those, which come under the definition of basic necessities of life i.e. food, clothing, and shelter, all of which are the needs without which man is unable to survive even for long. The second motivational factor i.e. safety discusses the sense of protection man requires for his mental peace and physical well-being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Socialization the direction followed by the society. A big contradiction though arises when a person starts thinking about the demerits of the society or focus on the flaws of the society. One can actually presume here that modern day education actually hinders in the native social development of a human being since education actually provides him with newer angles and makes him think of the unvisited paths. This process is actually known as normalization of thoughts and in one way or the other have a tremendous effect on socialization. Then again the effect of normalization can be marginal or instrumental. Literature review The literature review of this article will actually compose of three very...
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... of any culture. While the values and beliefs of a people certainly vary by culture and tribe, the process of socialization remains largely unchanged. In an organized and functional system, members of any given group learn how to belong and integrate into their given society. They develop a system of morals and learn how to interact appropriately. Sure, there will always be members of a society that refuse to become socialized, but by and large human civilization has survived for thousands of years because the majority of its people agree to live by a set of prescribed rules and to abide by the values system that they are taught from an early age. This paper is an effort to explain the process of socialization and to also examine... children...
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..., and with this knowledge come constraints. Likewise, as long as I did not know as much about socialization as I do now, I was much freer than I am today in many respects. Before, I cultivated a strong urge inside me to earn enough money to be ranked amongst the top elite of my country, and spend the money in tours to other countries, buying villas there and doing whatever would please me. But now that I have come to know how the greed of the top one per cent of the income earners of US are destroying the socioeconomic and political stability of the US (Senator Sanders, 2010), I have developed sympathies with the middle working class and want to do my bit to save the middle class people from extinguishing...
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...agree with the statement that though children learn socialisation from many sources, the interaction with peer groups has the most significant influence on the development of social skill in them. The validity of this notion can be evidenced from the article, Socialisation, by Jonathan Blundell, in which the author contends that peer groups including classmates and friends “exert very strong pressures” on children (8). The article, referring to other evidences, further suggests that young children closely observe their peers and attempt to “learn” from them “how they should behave” (8). Since children spend most of the time in their classroom or with their friends, it can be construed that peer group is...
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