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General Psychology - Human Observation - Assignment Example

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This paper "General Psychology - Human Observation" focuses on the students touching their own nose while speaking to the higher authority which could be correlated with their anxiety. The reason for studying this problem is, we see that many people maintain contact with their nose unnecessarily.  …
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General Psychology - Human Observation
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Download file to see previous pages The result of the study also proves that the hypothesis came right. He tried to understand the causal effect of anxiety and their behaviour. The researcher used two methodologies such as non-participatory observation and case study by way of observing a group of students while they confront an audience, during a conversation with their superiors and by conducting case studies with individual students who kept touching their nose. Finally, the result of the study shows that there is a correlation between anxiety and nose-touching by the students when they meet and talk with their professors and superiors.
It is often observed that students who are studying in eleventh and twelfth standards touch their nose when they speak to their professors and when they are about to speak to others from a stage or when they make a common speak. It could be found through a conversation with the students who were observed touching on their nose about their anxiety on whether they would make any mistake on the stage or would their friends tease them by pointing out their mistakes and because they are more concerned about what others think of them. Cause and effect relationship is defined as the “relationship between one variable and another or others such that a change in one variable effect a change in the other variable”. (Cause-and-effect relationship: Causal relationship, 2010, para.2). Here the cause is the anxiety in the mind that makes them touch on their nose which is the effect.
Operational definition: “An operational definition identifies one or more specific observable conditions or events and then tells the researcher how to measure that event”. (Operational definitions, n.d., para.3). Here the operational definition to measure the behaviour is given as touching the nose more than two times without any external cause when they speak to their higher authority or when they confront the public or their friends on stage. “A hypothesis is a tentative explanation for some kind of observed phenomenon and is an important part of the scientific method.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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