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Psychology in the development of the society and the human civilization - Essay Example

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Mood swings and other emotional situations that are happening in an individual actually note the personality of the said person directly as he or she is affected by different elements of the environment that he or she is living in. understandably, through this particular notion, psychologists have noted the need to asses the personality of individuals based on the level of effect that their environment have on the process by which they react to the human society resulting to the different changes in their decisions thus making a great impact on their personality as well.
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Psychology in the development of the society and the human civilization
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Extract of sample "Psychology in the development of the society and the human civilization"

Download file to see previous pages Humans move, act and live according to their instincts and these are guiding by the wants and needs of the person but sometimes, the rate of the person's reactions are either accelerated or slowed down according to their psychological judgment. This is actually the influence of motivation to the person's psychological state. Thus, human motivation is the psychological factor that guides the judgment and reaction of the person's towards his or her aim.
According to Abraham Maslow, human motivation is usually focused on the benefit that the person can achieved by the acquisition of it and these are actually directed towards the needs and the wants of the person. The benefits are regarded in the psychological aspect as the pleasure achieved by satisfying a specific need. This idea is usually regarded with the term arousal meaning the excitement or sensation acquired through satisfaction. Effects of motivation with regard to the role of arousal can be observed in the daily actions of the people. For example, take a case of a certain teenage boy who is motivated to develop his physique to acquire a muscular build. He endures the challenges enticed with his decision because he is focused on the benefits that his desire will provide on his esteem. Thus, he is motivated to satisfy his needs for personal esteem. Another is a case of a teenage girl who is firmly decided to have a diet. Her case is actually the opposite of the previous case because she is one the side of motivated procrastination to achieved personal satisfaction on the aspect of her personal esteem, which her slim and sexy physique will boost. Accordingly, she her actions will also gratify her safety needs regarding her company because her desires expressed her need for acceptance to her desired social group. In addition, her procrastination will limit her satisfaction regarding food consumption aspect but on the other hand, it will fulfill her physiological need for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the fulfillment of her psychological needs will give her satisfaction, which is actually the aspect that motivates her.
Thus, it is viewed that people's actions and decision are actually products of their desires and needs and the satisfaction that they will achieve by fulfilling that needs that actually motivates them to pursue that their aims. This is a classic example on how outside sources of "social push" actually affects people's personal decisions.
Hence, to be able to prove the real essence of the mentioned matter herein, this research shall try to utilize a survey-interview procedure to check on how human individuals actually handle the different elements in the society that makes it certain for their personality to change every now and then.
To handle the collection of data for this particular research project of human personality development and social interaction, the researcher decides to utilize the results of a survey report that would be given out to at least 80 participants. On the part of the researcher, the said number of participants is already reasonable enough to make the entire research more accurate in terms of research results. The said 80 students would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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