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Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being - Literature review Example

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The objective of "Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being" paper is to be able to determine and understand the relationship in terms of theory and empirical view between two concepts mainly the maternal employment and the well-being and the development of the child. …
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Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being
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Extract of sample "Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being"

Download file to see previous pages Through the course of history, it can be observed that the role of the female members of the population is continuously being leveled to that of the male, thus, in terms of the number of employees and organizational positions that are being held by women, the change is evident.  It can be considered that upon the achievement of the women to have equal opportunity to work and excel in the career of choice, the number of labor participation had increased. To be able to determine and present the objectives of the study, it is important to consider different issues that are related to the topic at hand. The main basis of the said notion is on the basis of different reasons such as in terms of the economic, family and social aspects.

The trends in maternal employment through the course of history can be considered as one of the basic information that is needed to be established. In the international community, the trend in the maternal employment is continuously increasing with an increase from 21 percent in 1968 to 60 percent in 2002 as of the data in 2005 (Hill, Waldfogel, Brooks-Gunn & Wen-Jui Han 833). The different trends can be studied through the data presented.

Included in the most significant data that had been presented regarding maternal employment in the society is by the OECD. There are different issues that had been discussed in the data. In the study conducted in the US, maternal employment had a 54 percent increase during the 2 decades (1954-2001). Based on the data by the US Department of Labor, from 47.4 percent of the initial year understudy, it had reached 73.1 percent (Ruhm 1).

In countries located in the European region such as Sweden, similar tendencies related to maternal employment had been observed. In a specific study, a growth towards 83.5 percent from 49.1 percent in the 2 decades had been recorded. Based on the said study, the economic factor relating to the taxation to the husband's salary is a major factor. Due to the capability of the women to have less deduction in salary, the contribution to the families’ income is significant.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being Literature review.
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Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being Literature Review.
“Maternal Employment and Child Well-Being Literature Review”.
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