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Bullying Among Kids - Research Paper Example

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Due to the prevalence of bullying in schools, the paper "Bullying Among Kids" will explore the vice in greater details and examines the motives behind bullying among school going kids. Moreover, the paper will assess how bad parenting contributing to bullying among kids…
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Bullying Among Kids
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Extract of sample "Bullying Among Kids"

Download file to see previous pages Teasing is harmless when done in a playful manner, and both kids find it funny. However, when it becomes hurtful, repetitive, and unkind, it is referred to as bullying. According to Swearer (pg40, 2010), Bullying is the deliberate emotional, physical, or verbal abuse directed to a kid perceived to be weak or different. It often ranges from threats, extortion, scoffs to hitting. In today society, bullying has taken another form better known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying involves spreading rumors or spiteful message about a person on the social media. However, this form of bullying is only common in teenagers and young adults who electronic messaging have become part of their daily life. The society should take bullying as a serious issue and not some ritual that toughens up the kids. The effects can be far-reaching and can have a devastating psychological effect on the kids. In extreme cases, bullying has led to misfortunes such as school shooting.
Bullying only thrives in schools where the staff and administration are doing little to address it. Most public schools across the country lack policies that condemn bullying. Therefore, this probably explains its prevalence in these schools. Bullying is also common public schools due to student diversity by race, culture, and gender. Kids from minority groups mostly suffer from bullying since they are seen as different and are perceived not to belong (Humphrey and Symes 87). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bullying Among Kids Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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