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For example, cyber bullying occurs when children and teenagers try to threaten each other by using violent and cruel comments or humiliating photos or videos on the…
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Download file to see previous pages According to Wanamaker (2012), the abuses from cyber bullying are as hurtful to the victim as physical abuse. In most cases, it has resulted to low self-esteem and to some extent suicide.
Cyber bulling is a developing social problem that needs social workers to tackle. Many social workers today are inadequately equipped to handle the issue between students. Because cyber bullying can lead to mental harm, the social workers do not have the right skills for handling the problem properly. Cyber bullying mostly occurs over the Internet hence it has become difficult for staff and social workers to monitor the issue. Since social workers are essential to school mental health services and offer crisis intervention services compared to staff members, they will be important in developing effective and accurate cyber bullying policies. People may claim that cyber bullying has declined, but the more people become aware of the problem they realize that many kids are involved in it. To those kids and teens involved, it has become a game given the anonymity associated with it.
The anonymously that the Internet provides has highly encouraged cyber bullying. Due to this aspect of the Internet, cyber bullying has become an online version of teasing and cruelty that usually exists in schools. While the Internet provides anonymity, it also provides a wide range of opportunity to reach, many people as it is open to anyone. Therefore, since many people can access the Internet and the fact that it is difficult to establish who said what, this encourages people to use the Internet to bully others.
Education is truly essential when it comes to cyber bullying. While the upcoming Internet-based networking sites might appear to challenge to any user, children and teens do not likely have the maturity of using these sites. The well-educated parents keep ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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