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Anxiety, Panic, PTSD and Dissociative Disorder - Essay Example

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This essay describes the cause of anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and dissociative disorders while explaining treatments to each disorder in question. The paper will also describe indeterminate gender and cultural influences of the subject in question…
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Anxiety, Panic, PTSD and Dissociative Disorder
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Download file to see previous pages There are several ways in which an individual can develop trauma. According to a statistical report collected by US Department of Veteran Affairs (2009) on the mental health of service members, most were found experiencing PTSD, panic, and other mental disorders as the results of their experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. The table below briefly summarizes in percentage the statistic collected as a result of traumatic events among service members during combat theater.
The above table describes in the snippet, the causes of anxiety, panic, PTSD and dissociative disorders with regards to service members in a combat theater. Detail explanation is as follows;
Longer Deployment Periods.
When counters are sent on a mission, especially for a longer time than expected, many of them leave they families or workmate with devastating thoughts about their safety and how they will survive the operation. Memories of their loved ones will make them feel anxious; panic and traumatized.
See others get hurt or killed.
In an operation that involves shooting against each other, many are killed and injured in the process including non-harmed members. From the above table, 95% of Iraq army are traumatized for seeing dead bodies, 93% for being shot at, 89%for being ambushed, 89% for receiving fatal fire and 86% for knowing they killed someone or someone was killed. Sensations of nervousness and tension can reach a crescendo when such memories keep crisscrossing their mind frequently. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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