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This essay describes that healthy deviance is the positive change in behavior or social acts of an individual or individuals. The acts deviated must be acceptable norms of a particular society. One can separate from or fail to do certain usual acts or behavior…
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Healthy deviance
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Healthy deviance
Healthy deviance is the positive change in behavior or social acts of an individual or individuals. The acts deviated must be acceptable norms of a particular society. One can separate from or fail to do certain usual acts or behavior that other people are used to him or are part of the society.
My friends and I go for swimming every weekend in the afternoon starting from Friday to even Sunday after the church service. The plan to deviate this behavior for the whole of the last weekend without going for swimming with my friends was my temporarily adopted change in behavior.
Campus weekend days are very pleasant with a lot of leisure spend with my friends while other students also choose to go for swimming to relax after a busy week. It is the norm in the campus that weekends the swimming pools are congested with students everyone enjoying the cold breeze of the pool water. Failure to go for swimming makes it look odd and unusual against the norm or culture of the school. Last weekend I went out for swimming but did not get into the water as I normally do. Instead, I decided to sit in a corner seat and freshen up with soft drinks and watch my friends swim. Everyone weirdly their faces read a lot of questions. My friends came to me thinking that I was not feeling well. They were confused why I chose not to do swimming that weekend or maybe was stressed up. I felt it was quite different too because swimming made me feel relaxed, but I could not disclose why was doing that. They pressured me to speak, but I told them to have some pneumonia and, therefore, the cold water could not be the best pleasuring thing to me that weekend.
On Monday during lunch break I asked my friends how they felt and what they thought was wrong with me during that weekend. Almost half of my friends admitted the thought and feeling that I was sick because it was not normal for me to fail to do swimming. Their feelings compared to mine are exactly similar because I felt very different and odd of me to sit and watch my friends swim yet I was like their trainer.
Felt Stigma is the social experience of shame, blame for oneself or others or neglect that one feels after deviation from a usual norm. Enacted stigma is the peoples’ perception of one's deviation from a norm. I blamed myself for not spending my weekend in a happy mood by swimming, but rather making all my friends sympathize thinking something was wrong with me. I felt ashamed after making them realize later that Monday I was okay.
Healthy deviance resonates with my experience in the sense that, though it was a positive change of my usual swimming activity so that I could learn about health deviance, the experience of shame and blame was because I found out that my friends care much about me than I earlier thought of them.
Deviance theory proposed by Durkheim has two concepts. Deviance is mostly part of society. Secondly, its natural and any cultural society must practice a form of deviance. The connection is that acts like swimming are natural and acceptable in society. At times, people deviate from swimming and find pleasure in other things like drinking alcohol. Read More
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Healthy Deviance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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