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Functional behavior assessment is a process of solving problems affecting a child through identifying the problem by employing various techniques and strategies. Function of a behavior refers to the reason why the problem is occurring. Sashi’s behaviors’ include mouths toys, pulling hair, resists and wanders…
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Functional Behaviour Analysis educ6162
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Download file to see previous pages Self expression can also make a child behave in a certain way in order to make her independence very clear. The child can also be in need of some tangible rewards like money which makes her feel good. In order to be accepted, a child might behave in a certain way so as to impress her peers or adults. A child’s behavior can be in form of revenge in order to get back at others whether it was real or imagined. Finally, a child...’s behavior is way of escaping from a particular activity or group (Cooper.J.T., and Heward,W 2007). Functional behavior assessment Summary Statements for each Major Trigger and/or Consequence Distant Setting Event Immediate Antecedent (Trigger) Problem Behaviour Maintaining Consequence Function 1 lonely Ignoring the child Sucking and chewing on toys Help her obtain peer attention attention 2 ignored by peers Failing to get a desired object that is visible but out of reach Pulling hair bows and clips Tell her no any time she pulls it and engage her in other activities Acceptance or affiliation 3 change of activity Interrupting the child from an event Pulling away and or dropping on the floor Leave her alone Control 4 There are a lot of people in the room Giving an event that is not preferred by child Leaving designated areas When she walks away appreciate her Escape or avoidance (Briggs, 1993) Support Planning Chart 1 Triggers Behaviours Consequences Ignoring the child Function: attention sucking and chewing toys Interacting with the child She can cause harm to herself Preventions New Skills New Responses Universal Providing her with the right materials for playing teaching her and providing a number of rules for her to follow providing her with engaging activities to avoid being lonely secondary being a role model to the child Inputting the right behaviour to the child To Challenging Behaviour if she stops, praise and if not tell her that the object can cause her harm To New Skills Teach her on how to seek attention appropriately plan to ignore her not to ignore her when she needs attention social reinforcement teach her appropriate social skills Support Planning Chart 2 Triggers Behaviors Consequences Being ignored by her peers Function: acceptance or affiliation pulling hair bows and clips Her peers talk negatively about her Preventions New Skills New Responses Universal providing her with clear directions when she requires something help her communicate well especially that she suffers from language delay and disability secondary I being a role model to the child is important Ii doing a rehearsal with the child on what is supposed to be done To Challenging Behaviour If sashi responds by requesting the clip praise her if she ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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