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Application of Sociological Theories/ Functional Analysis Theory - Essay Example

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 Application of Sociological Theories/ Functional Analysis Theory Name: Institution: Application of Sociological Theories/ Functional Analysis Theory Bipolar disorder refers to an illness in which a persons’ mind and its ultimate changes radically shift between extreme depression and happiness…
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Application of Sociological Theories/ Functional Analysis Theory
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Download file to see previous pages The theory suggests that all society roles should be allocated to a person who performs them best. The theory stipulates that people suffering from bipolar disorder are unfit to perform any task in the society. This paper will tackle the causes, symptoms and medication of the disorder. The causes of bipolar disorder remain unclear. Research shows some genetic connection as it affects brain functioning and structure. A person’s environment is also a contributing factor to the condition. Bipolar disorder shows symptoms like unusual change of moods characterized by manic and depression episodes. A manic episode displays over excitement and depression shows sadness, hopelessness and irritability. The person can display either episode at a time or may experience a mixed state of both episodes. People with bipolar disorder get explosive and irritable when a mood episode attacks. These episodes get accelerated by the extreme changes in the person’s energy, sleeping patterns and behaviour. In severe cases, a person will have a prolonged period of unstable moods. This affects the person’s performance in their daily activities giving rise to hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. The disorder can only be detected by an experienced psychiatrist as no laboratory test can confirm it. The condition calls for long term treatment as the illness lasts for a life time. The treatment gets administered inform of medication and psychotherapy. This helps in reducing the symptoms and avoiding a relapse. Bipolar disorder affects the society in many negative ways. People with bipolar disorder tend to behave recklessly after a maniac attack. They pick fights with anyone who disagrees with their plans. They get angry and irritated by anyone criticizing their behaviour and might harm them. The victim also engages in sexual affairs with anybody risking their lives. The person makes inappropriate decisions that negatively affect relationships, work and reputation. The person loses contact with the society, and they keep to themselves. This means the society suffer loss of societal contributors to its activities. Persons with bipolar disorder might find it difficult to parent children, this endangers population and continuity in a society. The persons have suicidal thoughts, and if they succeed in committing the act the society suffers. The society gets forced to take care of the deceased dependants who become burdens. The activity theory’s goal is to elaborate the mental capabilities and functioning of an individual. The theory measures person mental functions like decision making, memory retention and general judgment capabilities. A human activity refers to any human action that results in attainment of a goal. This requires the employment of tools to ease operation of the activity. These tools will include machines, equipments and internal tools like a plan. Persons suffering from bipolar disorder will find it difficult to implement the activity theory. Their mental judgments get disillusioned and will make biased decisions resulting in failed activities. The person will not be in a position of developing and executing an effective plan whether in business or employment. The victim of bipolar disorder due to the inability to behave appropriately and the numerous social disorders find maintaining a career difficult. The behaviour of picking fights with colleagues and reckless living forces them to early retirement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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