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How to Llive With a Physical Disability - Essay Example

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The essay "How to live with a physical disability" explores ways that would help people manage life with a physical disability. The writer of the essay suggests that the therapist can help deal with the mental and emotional trauma that comes as a result of disability…
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How to Llive With a Physical Disability
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Extract of sample "How to Llive With a Physical Disability"

How to live with a disability A physical disability is a limitation on an individual’s physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina. Other physical disabilities may sometimes include impairments that limit other facets of daily living like blindness, epilepsy sleep disorders among others. Individuals with physical disability have a high probability of suffering secondary disabilities as well as disability-related to acute health problems. People with the disability experience difficulties when it comes to accessing health promoting services. Living with a physical disability can sometimes be very difficult since the resources are not made available, and it impacts so much on us. Disability affects different people differently, but those who grew up with the disability can cope much better compared to those that suddenly find themselves disabled in some way (Firth 13). The effects of physical disability may include: mental health issues like anxiety and depression, loss the freedom to explore and do things independently, frustrations and anger when you think of the dependence you have on others, practical problems including transport, activity choice building access as well as unemployment due to the disability. A person also experiences difficulties in learning and academic study. Others lose their self-esteem as well as confidence when it comes to social situations. The society is set to cater towards people who are not disabled and people with a disability suffer much (Firth 26). The paper explores ways that would help me manage my life with a physical disability. Regardless of my situation I will try and make my life easier and enjoy to the maximum.
By adjusting emotionally, I will be able to accept that my disability does not define me or rather restrict my ability to be comfortable or happy. To adjust emotionally, I will personally understand the nature of my disability .having knowledge of the nature of disability gives me the power to live with it since knowledge is power. I will explore to know if my disability is temporal or permanent so that I am psychologically prepared to face the issue. I will also explore the complications that come with the disability as well as explore to find out if there are support groups that can be available in my area. Having known about it helps me accept my situation and focus on my present and future rather than dwelling on my past life.
I will also ensure I seek for help without feeling embarrassed since asking for help does not me that is not successful or incapable of accomplishing what I want. I will also ensure my caregiver is around to offer me any assistance that is unable to manage on my own. I will also ensure I see a therapist help me deal with my mental and emotional trauma that comes as a result of my disability.
Living with my disability is also another factor that I maintain. I will maintain my hobbies as well as interests when possible. Exploring my hobbies and interests makes me feel better and want to explore new hobbies as well. I also ensure I maintain by having a good and well-balanced diet with regular exercise. Exercise reduces the risk of depression and loneliness. It is true since exercise, and good diet increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, and they handle happiness (Stoddard 23).
In conclusion, I will ensure I accept and live with the disability and be able to ask for help where need be. I will also be emotionally stable so that I don’t get pressed down by the condition.
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How to Llive With a Physical Disability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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