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Community Response to Deviance - Essay Example

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The essay "Community Response to Deviance" will describe approaches at which different communities respond to deviance based on Erikson. In addition, the success of different approaches used would be determined in regards to minimizing deviance and shaping their values…
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Community Response to Deviance
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Extract of sample "Community Response to Deviance"

Download file to see previous pages Considering that different people have different views and perceptions deviance is a way of life. For this reason, institutions and communities develop a form of a blueprint that describes uniformity required among all people. A person may feel obliged to adhere to existing rules, but another person may feel existing rules are not friendly. For this reason, rules are created to ensure the value of the community are installed and protected. In an argument by Dupret, the existence of deviance allows a community to define its values (121). For instance, a community may value family purity and without deviance, in regards to the value, the community may not be able to prove their value family purity. If a person breaks the value the community has the opportunity to punish the culprit and set an example to the rest of population. On numerous occasions, punishment works based on the approach used. Approaches to solving deviance are meant to govern and manage the actions of people. In an argument by Erikson resolving deviance enables a community to establish more compact approaches that may enable value sustenance in the long term. In an example, if an approach to resolve conflict does not prove to be less effective, a community may not be able to know unless an act of deviance is committed and it has to measure the effectiveness of the punishment. From this argument, deviance and responding to deviance enables a community to shape its value and it is inevitable to experience deviance in a social setting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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