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The Mustang Ranch and Its Women - Research Paper Example

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This paper stresses that deviance refers to any behavior from an individual that defies the social norms of the society. Sociologists concern themselves with how these norms came into existence, who enforces them, and what are the consequences of violating such norms…
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The Mustang Ranch and Its Women
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Download file to see previous pages According to the paper the main proponent of this theory is Albert Bandura, and he state that learning can occur through three models, namely, live, verbal and symbolic instructions. The live model involves actual demonstration of the model, while verbal demonstration involves an individual receives instructions on the expected norms. Symbolic learning occurs through the media or other means of communication. For this theory to be used there must be some elements of attention, and retention. Attention refer’s to concentration on the features of the object under study, while retention involves the ability to take in the details of the behavior, and therefore learn in the process. An individual can reproduce the behavior, if it is acceptable within the society. To do this, there must be incentives to the individual, to encourage him to do the same. In reproducing the behavior, the learner must organize his response, according to the observation he made on the model object. The book is centered in Nevada, a state in United States of America. This is the only state at the time to legalize prostitution.
From this paper it is clear that the state government also made it easier for them to practice the vice. On this note, Sutherland explanation of the learning theory, in relation to the development of a deviant behavior comes to note. Alexa Albert observes that the Mustang women used pimps to enhance their performance. A pimp act as an agent for commercial sex workers, and his role is to advertise the services, and offer protection to the various prostitutes at their service. The prostitutes pay for these services. On most occasions, the relationship between a pimp and a prostitute is manipulative. The services of these people are illegal in other states of America, apart from Nevada. The behavior of the pimps is shapes through a learning process. They observe the characteristics of the prostitutes, and their clients; in return, they obtain skills on how they can advertise the services of the prostitute concerned, and offer protection to him. According to the learning theory, the elements of attention and retention must be present for this theory to apply. In the case of the pimp, they observe the behaviors of the prostitutes and their clients. In return, they are knowledgeable on how to advertise these services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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