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The writer of the essay "Day Care Centers" suggests that initiation of a curriculum for child care centers should have its foundation on the philosophers of early childhood development guidelines. It should enable the teacher to be able to use them in a classroom setting to provide hands-on skills…
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Day Care Centers
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Day Care Centers Insert Insert The initiation of a curriculum for child care centers should have its foundation on the philosophers of early childhood development guidelines. It should enable the teacher to be able to use them in a classroom setting to provide a hands-on skills that will enable the child to develop individual skills (Papalia, Olds, Feldman, Martorell & Papalia, 2012). The teacher, in this case, plays a very vital role in facilitating the learning process by giving the children an opportunity to make meaningful choices, establish their self-esteem. That can only be attained if a chain of success stages is provided to them so as to enable them to explore more that will encourage learning.
Physical activities should be fun to encourage them to keep doing it. These should enable the child to have a humble interaction time with the surrounding world as well as an opportunity to explore. Muscular control is initially important to enable the childs muscle to gain strength and develop. These together should enable the child to build proper patterns of movement. However, physical development is also affected by size at birth, body build, nutrition, culture and genetics.
The cognitive development of an infant entails the learning by the child and general knowledge acquisition process as they interact with their surroundings. A lot should be done to incite the childs cognitive progress by concentrating on memory locales, attention, perception and building concentration. That is achievable through the incorporation of the various day in day out activities. These include the singing of songs together with them as well as playing their songs to an extent where they find themselves doing so. Also, teach them to sing the alphabet letters through the use of a song as well as playing puzzles involving the alphabets. The teacher should guide the child to be able to identify noises that they encounter for instance running water. They should also practice the art of counting numbers and identifying colors as well as the shapes. That should be integrated with asking them questions concerning the choices they make so as to build in them the ability to think for themselves.
Emotional development will enable the child to build a firm social perspective in future. That can be attained if the teachers are able to establish a powerful bond between them and the toddlers. They should be responsive to their needs as well as spend quality time interacting with the infant. They should also have a good mastery of the appropriate development of the toddler emotionally at each stage. A careful observation of the behaviors and emotions of the child will also enable them to understand the kids.
According to Eriksons theory (Everyday Life - Global Post, 2015), every stage of the psychosocial development mentors the child to be skilled in a particular facet of life. A proper mastery of the stage builds a competent individual. Otherwise, the toddler becomes inadequate. The teacher should enable the child build trust through establishing a feeling of security and safety. That will enable them handle doubt, shame as well as autonomy. That will include guiding them to dress and feed well. They should master their body functions through training on the toilet. The aim is to make the toddler independent and to be able to control them.
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Papalia, D., Olds, S., Feldman, R., Martorell, G., & Papalia, D. (2012). Experience human development. New York: McGraw-Hill. Read More
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