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Majority of the educated people in this state are working professionals and yet the state is struggling to fill the vacancies in major employment sectors. Because of severe…
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Idea Development of Doggy Daycare (Opportunity Assessment of Doggy Daycare Center)
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Extract of sample "Idea Development of Doggy Daycare (Opportunity Assessment of Doggy Daycare Center)"

Idea Development of Doggy Daycare (Opportunity Assessment of Doggy Day care Center) Opportunity Assessment of Doggy Day care Center Oregon is an American state which is facing severe manpower shortage in critical employment sectors. Majority of the educated people in this state are working professionals and yet the state is struggling to fill the vacancies in major employment sectors. Because of severe manpower shortage, the employers in Oregon are not keen on providing leaves or breaks to their employees. Man y of the working people in Oregon in general and Corvallis city in particular forced to work overtime on a frequent basis in order to fulfil their professional commitments. Under such circumstances, they are not getting enough time to spend with their beloved ones back in their homes.
One of the interesting things about the people in Corvallis city is their increased love for pet animals, especially to dogs. Many of the compassionate and friendly pet owners in this city visit with their dogs, bringing joy to people in mental institutions, assisted living, nursing homes and homeless shelters”(PAL, 2015). Unlike people in many other countries, Americans have the habit of looking after their pet animals like dog just like how they look after their children. As a result of that many of them are worried about the life of their pet dogs when they work at their offices. Under these circumstances, the business prospect for a doggy day care centre in Corvallis city is extremely bright. This paper analyses the viability of a new venture Doggy Day care in Corvallis of Oregon.
Description of service
The purpose of doggy day care centre is to provide, a healthy happy environment for pet dogs. Many of the people, especially the working professionals in Corvallis city are worried about the loneliness facing by their pet dogs while they are in their offices. They wanted to make the life of their pet dogs enjoyable when they leave their home. Doggy day care centre offers a homely climate for dogs. It provides dogs to socialize with other dogs and to enjoy their life. Another purpose of doggy day care centre is to reduce the stress levels of the working professionals. When pet lovers are confident about the healthy development of their pets in day care centers, they will be able to concentrate more on their profession.
Market need description
“At a dog daycare (also known as a doggy daycare, doggie daycare or dog day care), owners drop off their pets for a day of socializing with other dogs, and then pick them up in the evening” (Fabjob Inc, 2015). As mentioned earlier, professional commitments prevent many of the pet lovers in Corvallis city from catering the needs of their pet dogs properly. Many of them reach their home during night and it is impossible for them to take care of their pet dogs. Many of them are worried about the loneliness facing by their pet dogs when go for work. Many of the working professionals and pet lovers are looking for places suitable for looking after their dogs when they work. In other words, scope or demand for doggy day care centres is extremely high in Corvallis city.
Specific aspect of the venture
The normal day care centers for children are preparing children for kindergarten studies apart from looking after them. At the same time, doggy day care centers need not do so. Such centers should make sure that the dogs are getting a good company with other dogs and there are no conflicts among the dogs. It is quite possible that dogs may quarrel each other while staying in day care centers. The caregivers should make sure that no such incidents are taking place in their day care centers.
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