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Consideration of Several Psychic Disorders - Essay Example

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This paper "Consideration of Several Psychic Disorders" considers several psychic disorders which have been and still are one of the most popular issues of psychological and psychiatric branches of medicine. These include Psychopathy And Sadism, Hallucinations and other…
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Consideration of Several Psychic Disorders
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Download file to see previous pages Psychopathy And Sadism. These two words are familiar practically to everybody, but due to this fact their use is often incorrect and inappropriate. Even though these two concepts have many common features in practice, they are still different.
First, there are differences between sadism and psychopathy on biological level. According to the scientific researches, the sadists feel excited and extremely pleased realizing that their victims suffer and feel pain, and certain areas of the brain become activated to a greater extent. In this regard, the perception of the victim’s pain by the sadist him/herself is also important, that is, the stronger the pain is, as per the sadist’s feeling, the stronger the brain areas responsible for strong emotions and own emotional condition activate.
Second, the differences between the two mentioned concepts are observed on behavioral level. The sadists are sensible to the victim’s pain and they enjoy torturing and humiliating the others, and their excitement is often too strong. Sadism can also be traced in their sexual behavior, that is, they are sexually satisfied when hurting the others. The psychopaths, on the contrary, have practically no consideration of the emotions of the others, they are indifferent and non-emphatic to the others, that is, they do not feel the emotions as strong as the sadists do.
Mass Psychogenic Illnesses. The conditions called mass psychogenic illnesses are rather old as they are mentioned back in the Middle Ages. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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