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Response: Importance of being hated - Coursework Example

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In the present writing, the author will summarize an article about the importance of having a few enemies for a person to make achievements in life. The author will discuss arguments and represent results of his own analysis along with his understanding…
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Response: Importance of being hated
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Extract of sample "Response: Importance of being hated"

Response: Important of being hated This article talks about the importance of having a few enemies for a person to makeachievements in life. The author develops his argument by expressing his negative attitude towards having a bunch of friends in his corner who end up betraying the trust bestowed on them. In his argument, he categorizes the people around a particular person into two: nemesis and archenemy.
In this context, nemesis characters are those people that you despise. They are the characters that you cannot ignore but they are not pleasant to hang around them. You will help nemesis characters but you will always be careful in their presence. In my own analysis, nemesis characters are critiques of a person. They will point out weaknesses in your life and hence they can help you become a better person
On the other hand, archenemy characters are individuals hated passionately. These people hate you back and in return, you cannot even allow them to enjoy your hatred and hence you will do it secretly. In my opinion, archenemy characters are person who are extremely hostile towards you or they constantly opposed your progress.
The author establishes logos by ensuring the clarity of the definition of nemesis and archenemy. He effectively uses supporting evidence and examples to strengthen his arguments. For example, he uses the relationship between Steve Jobs and Bill Gate to explain nemesis character. However, the author fails to establish ethos as they have not used any credible source to support his argument. In my opinion, the entire article represents a personal opinion with no secondary evidence or supportive scholarly sources. Lastly, pathos is well established as the reader can feel some personal effect in the article. The reader can identify with the writers point of view instead of emotionally making conclusion on the subject matter.
Work cited
Chuck Klosterman, “Important of being hated”, unknown year or publisher Read More
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Response: Importance of Being Hated Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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