Work Based Learning in the Creative and Cultural Industries - Assignment Example

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This paper discusses some organizations which have changed the way that they look at different health care options as well as links that are a part of the work space. There are several organizations and cultural areas that have placed new demands based on society…
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Work Based Learning in the Creative and Cultural Industries
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper declares the concept of the employer caring for the employee through symbolic means is not only cultural significant because of the interactions that take place on several levels. More importantly, there is an association with the cultural expectations that come into the work organization.
From the report findings mass culture is developed through commercialization and the expectations that are a part of the culture that is created. From the mass culture, there is a development of specific attitudes and understandings that relate to the overall values of society. The idea of culture is one that is not only based on movements and expressions, but instead is significant of different industries and the commercialization that is included in culture. It is not only the cultural expectations that have developed the responses to the swine flu and the organizational environment that responds to this. The knowledge that is depicted with the swine flu, health issues and expectations from the work place come specifically from the media and the regulations that are a part of this. When the media presents specific information to the public, it is required to first find imperative information that makes a difference in the knowledge that the mass culture is given. The impact that this has is one that directly affects the mass public and can create controversy as well as alternative expectations that can be held in different arenas of life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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