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Employment Conditions and Impacts of New Technologies - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Employment conditions and impacts of new technologies Changes in employment patterns in broadcast media In the current information economy, creativity and knowledge are quickly transforming to become powerful engines that facilitate the economy growth…
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Employment Conditions and Impacts of New Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages From a wider perspective, a nation’s human capital lays the parameters for success. Creativity is also increasingly becoming a chief strategic asset that boosts the economy, to grow, while still determining thriving amalgamation, into the rapidly altering world economy. Technically, broadcasting is a specific and somehow easy business comprising of sound and view transmissions to the audiences. Development in television in the future relies on the rise of medium throughput, possibility to integrate conventional and internet broadcasters, and generate fresh products that will result in integrating all Medias. Although these updates tend to be expensed intensive, they ensure quick return on investments. Journalism and the media in general have been central in embracing new technology, which has caused influential changes, in the employment conditions. The creative industry concept has its origin in Australia, but much significance was attributed to it by UK policy makers, when the creative industries unit and the task were set up. It is an indication of a shift in approach to probable commercial activities from the initial cultural industries. Howkins (2002, 98), has described key roles of Intellectual property classifying them into trademarks, copyright, patents and the ultimate product’s design configuration. ...
rise the faction of creative industries, which vary from upstream actions, such as conventional arts, performing, literature and visual arts to the downstream activities which involve design, advertising and other media connected activities (Cunningham, 2005, 285). Therefore, creativity is resulting into being a significant input, employed in the production procedure of products, as it is deployed with a specifically high level of professional particularity. These results to activities referred to as the creative industries such as the IT advancements. These creative industries have contributed to an estimated seven percent world GDP according to the World Bank. Furthermore, according to the UK department for culture media and sports creative industries are already generating over ?110 billion of revenues and employed 1.3 million employees. Numerous other developed nations’ including Canada, Sweden, and Australia have also managed to triumph in applying their foothold, in these industries, and they are progressively achieving a gateway, to the novel information economy. Creative industries are immensely contributing to employment creation, and export progression in most leading developing nations; however, currently their potential is broadly unrealized. Fundamentally, they are indeed always correlated with a wobbly structure of job security, with stumpy value added and restricted export earnings. Consequently, there is a pressing requirement to modernize the sector and also strengthen the local capacities such that they augment their contribution to the creation of income thus contributing to reducing poverty. According to UNCTAD continuing research, industries from the creative sector are not only generating more labor and capital or even the conventional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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