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Creative Ventures and Enterprise - Essay Example

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Creativity has always been a part of human nature. The world we see today is entirely, the result of human creativity. …
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Creative Ventures and Enterprise
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Download file to see previous pages This report is about my aims and aspiration as a product designer to understand all the areas of this industry including creativity, business and administration. My basic areas of interests are in product designing along with branding and merchandising. This will make me a part of the creative industry. The focus of this paper will be on product designing with particular reference consumer cultures in Taiwan, Russia, US and the UK. All other areas related to the creative industry will also be covered. It is my intention to work in Taiwan in a government department and initial steps in the form of a scholarship has already been applied for.

Scope: The main scope of this paper is to study all aspects of the creative industry with specific focus on product design in Taiwan. After completion of this work it is hoped that I will get sufficient information to get me started on my intended career as a product designer.

Creative Industry: Creative industry can be defined as "those industries that are based on individual creativity, skill and talent. They are also those that have the potential to create wealth and jobs through developing intellectual property." (Creative Industries: The Definition of the Creative Industries. 2007). From this it is clear that creativity, skill and talent that can create wealth and jobs is what differentiates it from other areas of business. Since creativity is involved, the question of intellectual property rights is also raised here. Creativity is a very broad term and hence what constitute a creative industry also varies. For example, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport of the UK Government groups creative industries under predetermined areas of business. In other words, advertising, designing, film making, performing arts, publishing, software etc are considered to be a part of creative industries. The UK was the first country in the world to recognise the existence of such industries and classify them as such. "The UK was the first, in 1997, to systematically promote the creative industries. Australia and New Zealand followed shortly afterwards." (Creative Industries in Hong Kong: Introduction. 2002).
Growth of Creative Industries: This industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. All areas that are considered to be creative had existed long before the concept of creative industries came into existence. But the potential of each of these sectors taken separately gave rise to classify them as creative and efforts for growth as a collective entity has now begun. The United Nations is also looking at this industry seriously as a means of economic development of under developed and developing countries. Being such a vast area, exact current figures are difficult to estimate. But according to UNCTAD, total value of creative industries world wide stood at 225 billion USD in 2005 fro 234 billion USD in 1996. This is an average growth of 8.7% making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. "Creative industries have emerged as one of the world's most dynamic economic sectors, offering vast opportunities for cultural, social and economic development. International trade in creative goods and services surged to US$445.2 billion in 2005 from US$234.8 billion in 1996, according to preliminary UNCTAD figures." (Creative Industries Emerge as Key Driver of Economic Growth with Trade Nearly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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