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Hilton Hotels - Conrad Hilton Name Professor Institution Course Date Key Words: Hilton Hotels, Clientele, Hospitality industry, Cultural Heritage, Marketing strategy, Introduction Background information Hilton Hotels currently known by the name Hilton Hotels & Resorts comprises one of the famed and thriving hospitality businesses globally…
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Hilton Hotels - Conrad Hilton
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Download file to see previous pages Born on 25Th December 1887 in New Mexico, he took over his father’s store at the age of 21 years (Lewis, 2009: p. 231). This acted as a fundamental exposure in the business world though at one time tried his luck in politics while in quest of finding life’s course before embarking on entrepreneurship. Hilton’s deep desire to be “big” according to one his principles prompted him to undertake new ventures after returning from being WWI combatant, deeming the then predicaments that characterized his life were meaningless to what he aspired to achieve in future. The idea of being an hotelier dawned on him while prospecting for opportunities at Cisco, Texas after his father’s demise during the WWI. His intention while in Texas was to purchase an additional bank but he ended up buying Mobley Hotel followed by other similar premises in not only US but also globally, for instance, in China (Lewis, 2009). Consequently, this initial acquisition prompted to buying and development of purchased hospitality enterprises, which he named by his name evident to date. Hilton’s Christianity background nurtured by his mother prompted him to apply persistent efforts in every endeavor he undertook coupled with prayerful life as a staunch Catholic. His strong faith prompted him to give out almost his entire wealth to charity work besides distributing some to close family members as well as his children. Entrepreneurial skills Hilton was a great risk taker evident from the numerous ventures he undertook in foreign states characterized by cultures completely different from those in America. Hence, managing to steer hotel ventures in states like China and Europe, which continued to thrive despite numerous cultural predicaments he experienced. In their study, Butler and Russell (2010) relay one incident where Board members doubted whether Hilton’s concept of establishing hotels in other states other than US would thrive. This quest proved them wrong when Hilton insisted on starting the first hotel outside USA in San Juan, Puerto Rico and became exceedingly successful (Butler & Russell, 2010). Hence, this motivated other hoteliers especially from Europe to venture in the same region though they did not surpass him as they thought. In addition, Hilton was a determined person in all the endeavors and project, which he undertook (Lewis, 2009). He epitomized a person who had the strength as well as strong will aimed at rising above any negative circumstances and emerge successfully. Consequently, this prompted him to venture on his own in most cases utilizing shrewd business knowhow he had leaving his doubters surprised (Lewis, 2009). Using his shrewd business acumen, Hilton ensured all his hotels offered the best contrary to the players he found in every locality he ventured (Butler & Russell, 2010). Hence, prompting large pool of clientele prefer his services in the foreign states where it was difficult to win them due to varied and engraved cultures. This is via serving the clients with what was of great interest to them besides transforming new acquired hotels to have touch of international standards while utilizing local furnishings (Butler & Russell, 2010). Hence, uphold immediate localities’ cultural heritages. Hilton employed unique and effective secrets that would guarantee him success in foreign states, which had utterly diverse cultures than those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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