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Effects of Adoption on Adolescent - Research Paper Example

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The present paper examines the various effects of adoption on the adolescent. The paper argues that with the growing age, adopted children begin to experience grief, loss, anger, frustration, feeling of isolation, and low self-esteem and low confidence as they begin to aware about their adoption status…
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Effects of Adoption on Adolescent
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Extract of sample "Effects of Adoption on Adolescent"

Download file to see previous pages Identity development starts in childhood and becomes increasingly prominent during adolescence. Many adolescents struggle with the questions like, “Where do I belong?” and “Who am I?” in their teenage (Parenting your, 2015, p. 3). Adoption is a crucial factor of identity for adopted teenagers even in their adulthood. The process of identity development can be more complicated for an adopted individual due to the additional issues associated with adoption, such as who is his or her birth parents, what is their ethnicity and social background, how do they look, are there siblings, and why he or she was given for adoption. According to one study, adoption can affect differently in identity development of different people. According to it, there are five potential phases of impact; 1.Unawareness: The adopted person denies identifying adoption issues, 2. Growing awareness: The adopted person considers adoption as a positive thing and acknowledges certain issues, but he or she is not yet ready to face those issues, 3. Sinking in awareness: The adopted person suffers from significant anger, feeling of betrayal, loss, and sadness, 4. Adjusting with awareness: The adopted person realizes the issues associated with adoption and seeks to explore them. 5. Achieving peace: The adopted person solves his or her issues related to adoption and moves on in life (Impact, 2015, p. 2-3). During teenage, youth are highly concerned with their appearance and physical attributes.
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