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The mismatch between home values and school values - Research Paper Example

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The adolescent age is one of the most influential stages in the life of an individual, as an individual experiences some developments. Physical development is one…
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The mismatch between home values and school values
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"The mismatch between home values and school values"

Download file to see previous pages They fail to have plans as they are concerned with the present life, and this is helpful in explaining the problems such as drug taking that are on the rise among adolescents.
The adolescence stage comes with it different problems which need to be tackled by the concerned stakeholders, mainly the teachers and parents, to prevent losing children who succumb into these problems. The emotional development that young people go through is mostly linked to these problems. When a young person gets to the adolescence stage, he or she develops the urge of wanting to be independent. This need of independence makes them create a distance between them and their parents (Janet 2014). The different myriad forms that young people go as they search for independence include having less overt affection, pushing things to the limit, being adventurous, and spending quite a good amount of time with friends.
One major problem faced by adolescents is engaging in sexual activities that result into teenage pregnancies and the spread of diseases like HIV. Most young people engage in sexual activities due to pressure from their peers and engage in the taking of drug substances like alcohol. Schools teach students to be responsible for their actions and avoid misleading peers. Teachers encourage students to open up to them when faced with difficult circumstances as they are there not only to educate them but also advice them. In the home environment, these kids find themselves in situations where it is even difficult to communicate their problems with their parents. This is caused by the notion they bear that they are growing up or rather they are grown up and do not require any assistance from their parents (Maria 2013). Most parents are ever conflicting with their children, and this makes it hard for such children tell them things, which are disturbing them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Mismatch Between Home Values and School Values Research Paper.
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