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Annotated Bibliography on Virtual Classroom for Middle School - Research Paper Example

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Annotated Bibliography Name Institution Annotated Bibliography Friedman, H., H. & Friedman, L., W. (2011). Crises in Education: Online Learning as a Solution. Creative Education, 2, (3), 156-163. This source identified some of the challenges that afflict the education system in the United States in the modern age and the possible value of virtual learning to address them…
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Annotated Bibliography on Virtual Classroom for Middle School
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Extract of sample "Annotated Bibliography on Virtual Classroom for Middle School"

Download file to see previous pages Generally, the findings of the study showed online learning are user-friendly and cost-effective. This study would be useful in this study, as it would supply resourceful insights to expand the critical dimensions of the study. Peterson, P., E. (2010). Saving Schools: From Horace Mann to Virtual Learning. New York: Harvard University Press. This book explored the subject of virtual learning within the overall perspective of the historical development of the American education system. The book analyzed the efforts of change advocated by prominent reformers from the eighteenth century to the current period. One general observation that the study makes is that the reform efforts did not yield the desired results as originally intended by the reformers. For instance the book argues that the falling standards of America’s education system is a result of the cumulative effects of past reform efforts. However, the study concludes that virtual learning has the potential of reversing the damage done on the American education system. This source would be resourceful in analyzing the possible opportunities and pitfalls of virtual learning. Kupczynski, L., Mundy, M., A., Goswami, J., Meling, V. (2012). Cooperative Learning in Distance Learning: A Mixed Methods Study. International Journal of Instruction, 5, (2), 81-90. This study sought to determine the efficacy of cooperative learning within virtual settings. The study was conducted at a Hispanic Serving Institute. The study compared between the traditional forms of online learning and online cooperative learning on the score of effectiveness. The study consisted of 56 participants. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used in the study. Regarding the quantitative results, the study established that there was no significant difference in performance between students from the traditional online approaches and those in the online cooperative learning category. However, qualitative results of this study showed that a significant percentage of the respondents in the cooperative learning category were more satisfied than those in the traditional forms of online learning. The relevance of this source to the study is to be determined from the score of comparisons between the different forms of virtual learning in relation to its relevance in grade school. Sun, K. (2005). A study on learning effect among different learning styles in a Web-based lab of science at elementary schools. Advanced Learning Technologies. 80-82 This study sought to investigate the value of virtual learning within the field of science at the elementary level. The study involved a comparison of between two groups in a laboratory learning session. The intervention group was subjected to a web-based program of learning while the control group was limited to conventional forms of laboratory learning. The results showed that students from the web-based learning program showed better results than those in the conventional methods. The results also showed that the virtual learning model was suitable for different forms of learning. Further, the results of the study indicated that a majority of the students preferred to be subjected to the web-based models of learning than the other forms of learning. A significant majority expressed their displeasure in the exclusive use of the textbook model of teaching and argued in favor of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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