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In the paper “Right-Brained Personality Analysis” the writer analyzes the division of people into left-brained individuals and right-brained individuals. He considers himself to be a right-brained person. After solving some issues he usually waits for insight instead of analyzing things logically.
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Right-Brained Personality Analysis
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Right-Brained Personality Analysis By The results of the test demonstrated that I belong to the group of right-brained people because I had 13“yes” answers in the test for the adults. I suppose that the division of people into left-brained individuals and right-brained individuals is quite logical due to various functions performed by various parts of brain. The more I study the functions of the human brain the more I understand how different can people be depending on their brain structure. I have never reckoned myself among some specific group but the results of the test proved that I am right-brained person. I can say that I agree with the descriptions of right-brained personality as I find most features close to me. First, right-brained people are more intuitive and imaginative and I can`t deny that. After solving some issues in my head I usually wait for insight instead of analyzing things logically further. Visual perception is probably my peculiar feature- I was able to visualize all the events and characters described in the books from early age and still have very powerful phantasy. For a long time I considered that it was common to all people but later I realized that for most of my friends visualizing was a challenge. When I had clear picture of how the heroes of the book looked like they had rather vague perception of them and could barely create a wholesome picture. So visual memory is a key feature of right-brained people that is why they remember faces better and I can`t deny that fact. And it is true that when asked for directions I draw a plan in my head but I am unable to recall the names of the streets or the numbers of the buildings. However, the emphasis on visual perception and memory does diminish my logical abilities. I am not good at learning languages because it requires memorizing and recognition of big amount of new words. I usually have a good start with foreign languages which means that I am rather adept in remembering words which I can visualize (on the first stages of language students learn some basic words such as table, hat) and when the number increases and more abstract words appear my visual memory fails me.
I have also realized that even the most complex topic from mathematical science or physics I try to picture in my head. Recently I read about time and space laws and could follow them only when they were demonstrated from geometrical perspective. It is mentioned that right-brained people are whole-to-part learners which means that they try to capture the sense of whole phenomenon or imagine it and then will try to create it from parts. That is also true, my grandfather used to teach me some carpenter`s tricks and I got them only when I watched how he was doing them and practicing myself. So I do prefer observation and practice to theoretical knowledge. However, I don`t see myself as a perfectionist- I realize that mistakes happen and that only by analyzing them people learn something important. I also find myself creative: I try to do common and habitual things in a different way all the time and look for new solutions. So I agree that I am right-brained personality as I have most typical right-brained features. Read More
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Right-Brained Personality Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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